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6ocn/Nh: Denis Goldberg

this evening (thursday 30th), 6.24-6.26pm on bbc radio 4, and 9.51-9.54pm on bbc world service radio 

six o’clock news and newshour (presented by tim franks) include …

Denis Goldberg, a veteran of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, has died. He was 87. A member of the armed wing of the African National Congress, he was arrested and tried alongside Nelson Mandela, and was imprisoned for more than 20 years.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter andrew harding 

and 2018 interview with • denis goldberg


WH: Deborah Feldman

this morning (thursday 30th), 10.32-10.42am, on bbc radio 4 

woman’s hour (presented by jenni murray) includes …

“The Netflix series Unorthodox tells the story of a teenager who flees her ultra Orthodox Hasidic Jewish community and an arranged marriage in New York, for a new life in Berlin. The four part drama series is inspired by Deborah Feldman’s 2012 autobiography Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots.”

including interview with …

• author deborah feldman 

(see also and


Outlook: Deborah Feldman

8th september 2010, on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) concludes with …

Deborah Feldman grew up in a strict Hasidic community in New York. As her custom dictated she had to cover her shaved head with a wig and dress modestly. But despite this display of devotion she led a secret life devouring forbidden books, which inspired her with ideas of becoming independent. After an arranged marriage to a Hasidic man at seventeen, and having a son, she decided to leave the community in pursuit of a new life where wearing lipstick and jeans was allowed.”

including interview with …

• author deborah feldman 


Nh: Coronavirus West Bank

this evening (wednesday 29th), 9.36-9.45pm (including repeat of 2.20-2.24pm), on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by james coomarasamy) includes …

“When the coronavirus first hit Israel and the Palestinian territories, the UN praised their cooperation in dealing with a common threat. However, as Palestinian workers in Israel have brought the virus back to the occupied West Bank, a political row has broken out that threatens to hit the economies on both sides, and undermine efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19.”

including contributions from … 

• bbc reporter yolande knell

• major yotam shefer, head of international department, cogat

• palestinian worker muath balasmeh 

philippe lazzarini, commissioner-general, unrwa 

(see also


Miriam and Youssef

wednesday mornings for ten weeks (29th april to 1st july), 11.32-11.59am (repeated 10.06pm, and 8.06am sundays), on bbc world service radio 

miriam and youssef (written by steve waters)

“A ten part series dramatising the tragic history of the founding of Israel.

Although the series is fictional, it is based on fact. Every effort has been made to ensure that the series is culturally, linguistically and historically accurate.

Driving it is a dual narrative, told by two former neighbours: Miriam, a Jewish Immigrant to Palestine and Youssef, a Palestinian Arab driven into exile in 1948 – both asking the question, ‘how did we get here?’.


Friday Night Dinner 6:5

early tomorrow morning (thursday 30th), 12.05-12.35am (repeated from 10.00pm friday), on channel 4 tv 

friday night dinner: the cage (5th of 6 episodes, new, 6th series) (starring tamsin greig, paul ritter, simon bird, tom rosenthal, mark heap, tracy-ann oberman, and samantha spiro) (written by robert popper)

Jim sets up a giant dog cage for Milson in the Goodmans’ living room, and Aunty Val’s got a hot date with a ‘sex robot’.”


P4t: Marks 29/4/2020

this morning (wednesday 29th), 9.20-9.23am, on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by laura marks 

“We are able to make this a better world for all the generations to come.”


P4t: Lorie 28/4/2020

yesterday morning (tuesday 28th), on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by miriam lorie 

Paying it forward: ‘When you initiate kindness, you set off a powerful positive ripple effect.”


Outlook: Holy Sepulchre

this afternoon (monday 27th), 12.43-12.59pm (repeated 6.43pm and 4.43am), on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) concludes with …

“• Wajeeh Nuseibeh is the Muslim doorkeeper to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. His family has opened the doors of the church since the 7th Century, and the role has passed on from father to son. For the first time in nearly 700 years, the church was closed as a precaution against coronavirus.”


PP: John Dyson

this afternoon (sunday 26th), 12.11–12.14pm and 12.51-12.52pm, on bbc radio 3 

john dyson (in the private passions series) (presented by michael berkeley) includes …

“Choosing Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms becomes an opportunity to talk about his Jewish heritage, and about his grandmother, who escaped from Bergen Belsen. Judge and former Master of the Rolls John Dyson talks too about the rise of anti-Semitism now; he says: ‘our suitcases are packed’.”


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