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Twt: Livingstone jumps

last monday evening (21st may), 10.01-10.02pm and 10.08-10.21pm, on bbc radio 4
the world tonight (presented by ritula shah) leads with …

Ken Livingstone has resigned from the Labour party, saying a row over allegedly anti-Semitic remarks he made had become a distraction.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter eleanor garnier
hannah weisfeld of yachad
chris williamson mp
luciana berger mp


Today: Livingstone jumps

this morning (tuesday 22nd), 7.19-7.21am and 7.43-7.44am, and 8.02-8.04am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by mishal husain) includes …

“Yesterday we had Ken Livingstone’s resignation from the Labour Party”

including contribution from …
• bbc reporter laura kuenssberg

Twtw: English Jewish history

this afternoon (sunday 20th), 1.11-1.26pm, on bbc radio 4
the world this weekend (presented by caroline wyatt) includes …

“I’ve been looking more closely at the history of Britain’s Jewish community, and what’s led to anti-semitism today.“

including contributions from …

• sally dixon-smith, curator at the tower of london
• professor david feldman of the pears insitute for the study of anti-semitism
dave rich, head of policy, community security trust
angie mindel, jewish voice for labour and palestine solidarity campaign
jeremy corbyn
jonathan arkush, former president, jewish board of deputies
peter mason, national secretary, jewish labour movement

Today: Labour anti-semitism peerage

this morning (saturday 19th), 7.53-7.57am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by nick robinson) includes …

Martha Osamor wrote a letter defending each and every one of the high-profile cases of people suggested for suspension or exclusion from the Labour Party for anti-semitism, including Ken Livingstone. So why nominate her for the House of Lords?”

including interview with …
john mcdonnell mp
(see also

Today: Marie van der Zyl

this morning (monday 14th), 6.50-6.54am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by justin webb and john humphrys) includes …

The Jewish community has a new leader, the president of the Jewsih Board of Deputies, Marie van der Zyl. Not the easiest time to take over, given the charges against the Labour Party of anti-semitism?”

including interview with …
marie van der zyl


SP: Chakrabarti interviewed

this morning (sunday 13th), 11.24-11.31am, on bbc 1 tv
sunday politics (presented by sarah smith)
includes an interview with • shami chakrabati about anti-semitism in the Labour Party

“Two years on, your report still hasn’t been fully implemented.”


Newsnight: Barnet terrible

yesterday evening (friday 4th), 9.17-9.22pm, on bbc 2 tv
newsnight (presented by emily maitlis) includes …

“You’d agree that Barnet was a self-inflicted wound?” “I think that Barnet was terrible, it was awful …”

including contributions from …
• baroness angela smith
• bbc reporter david grossman
• jewish chronicle editor stephen pollard
• former barnet councillor adam langleben
• barnet councillor rabbi danny rich

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