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Newshour: Bahrain conference

this afternoon (wednesday 26th), 2.40-2.45pm (following repeat of report from last week), on bbc world service radio

newshour (presented by paul henley) includes …

How is the conference going, given that the people who are being discussed, the Palestinians, are boycotting it?”

including interview with …

faisal abbas of arab news


Newshour: Israeli left

this evening (saturday 25th), 9.51-9.59pm, on bbc world service radio

newshour (presented by paul henley) concludes with …

“Can – should – the Jewish Israeli left make common cause with the Arab Israeli left?”

including discussion between …

• bbc reporter paul henley

stav shaffir mk

nisreen shehada of standing together

dov khenin, former mk


Newshour: Judith Kerr dies

today (thursday 23rd), 2.56-2.59pm, and 9.43-9.49pm, on bbc world service radio

newshour (presented by razia iqbal and paul henley) include …

“The children’s author Judith Kerr who published more than 30 books over a career that lasted 50 years has died at the age of 95. It is rare to come across a writer beloved by all who read her let alone all who meet her. Among her best-known books was The Tiger Who Came To Tea – I knew it by heart, I’d read it so often to my children.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter razia iqbal 

• bbc presenter harriett gilbert 


Newshour/PM/6ocn: Labour MPs quit

this afternoon (monday 18th), 2.36-2.40pm on bbc world service radio, and 5.16-5.30pm, 6.05-6.15pm, and 6.28-6.30pm, on bbc radio 4
newshour (presented by paul henley) and pm and six o’clock news (partly repeated on midnight news) include …

Seven MPs for Britain’s Labour opposition have resigned from the party in protest over leader Jeremy Corbyn’s approach to Brexit and anti-Semitism.”

including contributions from …
chris leslie mp
• bbc reporter rob watson
luciana berger mp
janet mobbs of stockport momentum
charlie stewart, labour chair, stockport
martin jameson, former stockport labour member
ann coffey mp
angela rayner mp
mike gapes mp
• bbc reporter norman smith
angela smith mp
mike gapes mp
chuka umunna mp
• bbc reporter alex forsyth
john mcdonnell mp
• lord david blunkett
vince cable mp
• bbc reporter john pienaar
markus keaney, labour chair, luton south
• bbc reporter laura kuenssberg

Newshour: French anti-semitism

this evening (sunday 17th), 9.51-9.55pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by paul henley) includes …

“France’s Yellow Vests movement is in the spotlight again – this time for allegations of anti-Semitism.”

including interview with …
shimon samuels, of the simon wiesenthal centre, paris

Newshour: Aid reduced

yesterday evening (wednesday 19th), 9.20-9.25pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by paul henley) includes …

“The World Food Programme is to cut food aid next year to nearly 200,000 Palestinians in Gaza and in the occupied West Bank because of a shortage of funds.”

including interview with…
raphael du boispeans of the world food programme

Newshour: Gaza aftermath

this afternoon (saturday 17th), 1.13-1.19pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated repeated 9.20pm, and 5.21pm on pm on bbc radio 4)
newshour (presented by paul henley) includes …

“Hundreds of rockets were fired from Gaza, killing a Palestinian man in southern Israel, while there were widespread Israeli airstikes on the strip leavinsg 7 people dead.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman
• dr adnan al-wahedi, gaza city
kim phillips, israeli resident one mile from border
yuval, israeli resident

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