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Newshour: Israel and Iran

this evening (tuesday 31st), 9.31-9.35pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james coomarasamy) includes …

“One country that’s particularly supcicious of Iran’s intentions is Israel. So what does Israel think happened?”

including interview with …
• israeli un ambassador danny danon (more…)

Today: transgender case

this morning (tuesday 31st), 8.38-8.41am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by john humphrys) includes …

“A father of 5 who began a new life as a woman after leaving an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Liverpool has lost a family court fight over her children.”

including contributions from …
• bbc legal correspondent clive coleman
• rabbi ariel abel (more…)

Newshour: Tipping point 1?

this afternoon (monday 30th), 2.36-2.49pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by razia iqbal) includes …

“Are we in slightly dispiriting holding pattern, or are we, as some say, at a tipping point, a moment when the reality on the ground, the new administration in Washington, mean that the stalemate between Israelis and the Palestinians is going to enter a new decisive phase?
It’s a question tim franks will be looking at through the week, in strikingly different locations …”

including interviews with …
danny seidemann, “specialist on the mapping of jerusalem”
• likud mp sharon haskell (more…)

HMD: born in Mauthausen

last saturday morning (28th january), 4.45-5.00am, on bbc radio 5 live
up all night (presented by dotun adebayo) concludes with …

Eva Clarke tells her remarkable story of surviving the Holocaust as an infant at the end of World War Two, and the lifelong impact of losing several family members at Auschwitz.”

(see also and (more…)

Holocaust memorial service

yesterday morning (sunday 29th), 8.33-9.00am, on bbc radio stoke (repeated 2.33pm)
holocaust memorial service, from sandbach town hall, cheshire east (presented by lamont howie) (in the in praise of god series)
includes contributions from …
• kindertransport refugee, dr peter kurer
• councillor keith haynes
mike suarez, chief executive of cheshire east
• mayor olivia hunter (more…)

Sunday: Streatham synagogue

yesterday morning (sunday 29th), 7.16-7.21am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by martin bashir) includes …

“The South London Liberal Synagogue in Streatham is trying to raise £50, 000 to convert a disused caretaker’s flat in the building to accommodate a refugee family from Syria.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter trevor barnes
alice alphandry
harriet neuberger (more…)

HMD: Dorset

yesterday morning (sunday 29th), 6.19-6.26am, on bbc radio solent
tim daykin includes …

“Holocaust Memorial Day: One Dorset church and synagogue have decided to take it further, by swapping their priest for a rabbi, and their rabbi for a priest”

including interview with …
• rev dr ian terry
• rabbi morris michaels (more…)

WH: Deborah Lipstadt

last saturday afternoon (28th january), 4.44-4.52pm, on bbc radio 4
woman’s hour (presented by jane garvey) includes …

“• Professor Deborah Lipstadt was sued by the historian David Irving for calling him a holocaust denier.
As a new film about the trial is released she tells us why she thinks the judgment is even more relevant in our ‘post-truth’ times.”


Joe’s violin

last saturday morning (28th january), 1.16-1.24am, on bbc world service radio
business matters (presented by roger hearing) includes …

“One Oscar nomination this year, for best documentary short, is ‘Joe’s Violin’
It’s about a holocaust survivor in his 90’s, who donates his old violin to a New York schools project, where it ends up in the hands of young girl from one of the city’s poorest districts.”

including interview with …
• director kahane cooperman. (more…)

Rita Goldberg

last friday (27th january), on bbc radio 5 live
the daily interview (presented by emma barnett) (18 minutes)

“Harvard lecturer Rita Goldberg tells how her mother, Hilde Jacobsthal, survived the Holocaust, about her godfather Otto Frank, and about overcoming “second generational” trauma.”


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