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Sunday: Bullying

this morning (sunday 19th), 7.46-7.53am, on bbc radio 4 

sunday (presented by william crawley) concludes with …

“Allegations of bullying at a flagship London synagogue.“

including report by …

• bbc reporter david cook


PM: Jess Phillips

yesterday afternoon (saturday 18th), 5.11-5.12pm, on bbc radio 4 

pm includes…

“The Labour Party needs a leader who has spoken out against anti-semitism, and other forms of harassment in fact, when others were keeping quiet, and somebody who was in the room struggling for an independent system, lots and lots of meetings. I have to say, I don’t remember some of the people here being in that particular room or being in those particular fights.”

including speech from …

jess phillips mp


Nn: Uri Geller

yesterday evening (friday 17th), 10.53-11.00pm, on bbc 2 tv 

newsnight (presented by katie razzall) concludes with …

“Would the British civil service benefit from the services of a Jewish telekinetic pensioner? What would happen if ministers were exposed to more officials who weren’t all white Oxbridge middle-class public school boys?“

including interview with …

uri geller


Today: Apples and Honey

this morning (tuesday 7th), 6.49-6.54am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by martha kearney) includes…

“Urgent action is needed to tackle the divisions between older and younger generations, the view of one think tank which suggests that care homes for older people should become community hubs, with nurseries and cafes.” 

including interview with …

denise burke, director of united for all ages

judith ish-horowicz, co-founder of apples and honey nightingale


Qasem Soleimani

yesterday evening (monday 6th), 12.03-12.10am (repeated from 6th april and 14th march 2019), on bbc 2 tv

shadow commander: iran’s military mastermind (documentary about qasem soleimani, in the this world series) (written and presented by jane corbin) includes …

Soleimani now has his eye on the ultimate target: America’s ally, the little Satan, Israel.”

including contributions from  …

• former security chief danny yatom 

qais khazali 

• general nitzan alon


B100d: Soleimani killed

yesterday evening (monday 6th), 7.37-7.42pm, on bbc news tv

beyond 100 days (presented by christian fraser and katty kay) includes …

“The Israeli Chief of Staff, General Kochavi, used his Christmas Day message to the Israelis to say that they needed to prepare for a limited but intense war against Iran. So is the killing of General Soleimani in that context?”

including interview with  …

sharren haskel mk


Today: Soleimani killed

this morning (monday 6th), 8.39-8.45am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by martha kearney) includes…

“Even those who say that they are satisfied with the death of Qasem Soleimani earlier were saying that they fear for  the repercussions, and they think it leaves the region less safe than it was before?”

including interview with …

• former un ambassador dore gold


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