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Miriam and Youssef 3

BBC BIAS: In an episode headed “1929”, the BBC describes even-handedly the attacks by Arabs and Jews on each other, leaving out the 1929 Arab riots in which Jews were massacred in several cities (including 60 Jews in Hebron).

BBC BIAS: On four occasions, complaints are made of Jews “stealing our land”, with no attempt to point out that land was always bought from willing Arabs at a fair price. Also of “Jews irrigating with our water”. 

this morning (sunday 17th), 8.06-8.33am (repeated from 11.32am and 10.06pm wednesday), on bbc world service radio 

the holy places (3rd of 10 episodes of miriam and youssef) (written by steve waters)

“3. 1929. Tensions boil in Jerusalem. Arabs and Jews feel they are being denied access to holy sites. Both take to the streets in protest – and the ruling British seem powerless to prevent blood being spilt in the holy city.”

(if you missed it, available at

Today: Tracking coronavirus 2

this morning (tuesday 12th), 8.45-8.49am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated tomorrow 2.20pm and 9.20pm on newshour on bbc world service radio) 

today (presented by martha kearney and mishal husain) includes …

  “It is nearly two months since the Israeli government approved emergency measures to deal with coronavirus, which included using the security agencies to track suspected cases through mobile phone data. New cases are now down to double digits, with an overall death toll of just over 250. The continuing involvement of the domestic intelligence service is proving controversial.”

including contributions from … 

• bbc reporter tom bateman

• pizza-maker aaron pavoncello 

arik barbing (“harris”), founder of the shin bet cyber division 

pershid kushovsky, under lockdown through phone tracking


Miriam and Youssef 2

this morning (wednesday 6th), 11.32-11.59am (repeated 10.06pm, and 8.06am sunday), on bbc world service radio 

halutzim (2nd of 10 episodes of miriam and youssef) (written by steve waters)

“2. 1925. Miriam and her mother move into a new kibbutz close to Jerusalem and find Yehoshua, also a Jewish refugee from Europe. Miriam and Youssef meet – two young people from across the divide. But Yehoshua distrusts the Arabs and threatens Youssef, his father and his uncle. Harry finds Youssef work.”


Miriam and Youssef

wednesday mornings for ten weeks (29th april to 1st july), 11.32-11.59am (repeated 10.06pm, and 8.06am sundays), on bbc world service radio 

miriam and youssef (written by steve waters)

“A ten part series dramatising the tragic history of the founding of Israel.

Although the series is fictional, it is based on fact. Every effort has been made to ensure that the series is culturally, linguistically and historically accurate.

Driving it is a dual narrative, told by two former neighbours: Miriam, a Jewish Immigrant to Palestine and Youssef, a Palestinian Arab driven into exile in 1948 – both asking the question, ‘how did we get here?’.


H&S: The tattooist of Jerusalem

this morning (sunday 12th), 11.32-11.59am (repeated 10.30pm, and repeated from 9.32am and 4.32pm friday and 2.32pm saturday), on bbc world service radio 

For more than 500 years, Wassim Razzouk’s family have been tattooing the pilgrims to Jerusalem.

including contributions from …

• ‘the jerusalem tattooist’ wassim razzouk 

frank staples, 80

• pastor george milliman, 57, from sturgis, michigan, and his daughter • dana milliman 

madeline foley, studying history and politics, notre dame, new orleans

• historian dr mordechai levy

• father anton razzouk and • son (also) anton razzouk

• pastor carrie ballenger, lutheran church of the redeemer, jerusalem


Sunday: Coronavirus Jerusalem

this morning (sunday 12th), 7.39-7.44am, on bbc radio 4 

sunday (presented by william crawley) includes…

“What’s been the mood, this Holy Week, in Jerusalem?”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter yolande knell 

• jamal khader, catholic priest, ramallah


FOOC: Coronavirus Jerusalem

this morning (saturday 11th), 11.35–11.39am, on bbc radio 4 

from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) includes …

In Jerusalem, Yolande Knell has been talking to local religious leaders about how to mark Easter, Passover and Ramadan when prayers at holy sites are forbidden.”

(see also and newshour last sunday from 0:34:30 to 0:38:30 at


GMS: Sacks 5/4/2020

yesterday morning (sunday 5th), 7.41-7.47am and 7.51-7.56am, on bbc radio 2 

good morning sunday (presented by kate bottley and jason mohammad)

“Wise words and life lessons, from Rabbi Lord Sacks for Passover


Nh: Coronavirus Jerusalem

this afternoon (sunday 5th), 1.40-1.44pm, on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by james menendez) includes …

Yolande Knell in Jerusalem has been talking to a rabbi a sheikh and a priest for ways to observe these important occasions without getting or spreading the coronavirus.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter yolande knell 

• jamal khader, catholic priest, ramallah

• rabbi yehoshua pfeffer , jerusalem

• islamic scholar mustafa abu sway, al quds university


Sunday: Coronavirus crisis

this morning (sunday 22nd), 7.11-7.16am and 7.42-7.54am, on bbc radio 4 

sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes…

How are faith communities navigating the current coronavirus crisis?

including report from …

• journalist jordana miller in jerusalem

and discussion with …

• imam abid khan, cheadle mosque and community centre

• rabbi laura janner-klausner, senior rabbi to reform judaism

• rev prof gina radford, former deputy chief medical officer for england


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