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Newshour: Poland and the holocaust

this afternoon (wednesday 27th), 2.24-2.29pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

The Polish government is proposing an amendment to a controversial holocaust law that was criticised by Israel and the Untied States, by imposing jail terms on anyone ascribing co-responibility of the Polish state for Nazi war crimes.
Why is Poland’s relationship with the holocaust such a sensitive issue?”

including interview with …
• historian adam zamoyski


Today/Newshour: Netanyahu in UK

today (wednesday 6th), 7.25-7.29am and 8.01-8.03am on bbc radio 4, and 2.31-2.35pm on bbc world service radio
today (presented by martha kearney and mishal husain) and newshour (presented by julian marshall) include …

“The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting Theresa May today as part of a visit to Europe to try to persuade leaders to give up backing for the Iran nuclear deal.”

including contributions from …
• analyst nathalie tocci
• bbc reporter jeremy bowen
john baron mp, vice-chairman, all-party parliamentary group on iran

Newshour: Dorothy Bohm

yesterday afternoon (saturday 2nd), 1.51-1.59pm (repeated 9.51pm), on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) concludes with …

Dorothy Bohm arrived in England in 1939. She was 14, and had just waved goodbye to her parents and her baby sister on a train platform in Lithuania. As Europe became more and more dangerous for Jews, her parents sent her to safety. She wouldn’t hear hear from them again for 20 years.
In that time, she started taking pictures. Now 94, a show of her photographs has just opened in the Palant Gallery in Chichester.”

including interview by Julian Worricker with …
• photographer dorothy bohm, 93


Newshour: Gaza airstrikes

today (tuesday 29th), 2.57-2.59pm, and 9.56-9.59pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by razia iqbal and julian marshall) conclude with …

”There’s been a further upsurge of violence today, with massive Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in response to a barrage of shells from Palestinian militants.”

including reports from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman

Newshour: Gaza casualties

this evening (tuesday 15th), 9.07-9.20pm, 9.36-9.49pm, and 9.51-9.56pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) leads with …

“Palestinians have been staging another day of protests on the border between Gaza and Israel. In mass demonstrations on Monday, more than fifty people were killed by Israeli gunfire. Meanwhile, there were angry exchanges between Israeli and Palestinian envoys at the United Nations Security Council which held an emergency session to discuss the violence.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter jeremy bowen
ayman sahbani, head of emergency medicine, shifa hospital
michael lynk, un rapporteur on human rights in the occupied territories
ahmed alnaouq, 24, project manager of we are not numbers
• lt col jonathan conricus, idf spokesman
and a report from lebanon by paul moss, broadcast on the world tonight on bbc radio 4

Newshour: Lebanon & Israel

this evening (monday 14th), 9.51-9.58pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 10.20pm on the world tonight on bbc radio 4)
newshour (presented by julian marshall) concludes with …

”There is the possibility of an even more serious conflict brewing on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter paul moss
patricia khodr of l’orient le jour
zeinab, 24
rashid, 59
michel ragien, kataeb party (formerly christian phalange)

Newshour: Embassy moves

this evening (monday 14th), 9.06-9.29pm, and 9.32-9.59pm, on bbc world service radio (partly repeated 10.07pm on the world tonight on bbc radio 4)
newshour (presented by julian marshall) is almost entirely devoted to …

“Palestinians in Gaza have been protesting for weeks, but deaths soared on the day the US opened its embassy in Jerusalem.
Palestinians see this as clear US backing for Israeli rule over the whole city, whose eastern part they claim.”

including contributions from …
• dr mustafa barghouti
• director of medical aid for palestinians in gaza,
ravina shamdasani, spokesman for unhcr
• professor of linguistics walid amer, spokesman for march of return
• bbc reporter tom bateman
david keyes, spokesman for benjamin netanyahu
• oslo negotiator terje rod-larsen
dan shapiro, former us ambassador to israel
and repeat of contributions from this afternoon

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