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P4t: Maureen Kendler 30/5/2016

yesterday morning (monday 30th), 5.45-5.48am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by maureen kendler

My Parents: The safe parenting that I found annoying as a teen was a necessary underpinning for life.”


George Gershwin

every afternoon this week (monday 30th to friday 3rd), 12.00-1.00pm (repeated 6.00-7.00pm), on bbc radio 3
a natural performer: george gershwin (1898-1937) (presented by donald mcleod) (in the composer of the week series) (more…)

Sunday: Religious freedom

yesterday morning (sunday 29th), 7.29-7.35am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes …

Christian and Muslim forces are engaged in a bloody conflict in Africa whilst radical Buddhists in Myanmar attack the Islamic minority.
Rabbi David Saperstein is the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. He discusses with Edward the future of religious freedom.”


Tftd: Jonathan Sacks

last friday morning (27th may), 7.49-7.52am, on bbc radio 4
thought for the day, by rabbi lord jonathan sacks

“So thankyou to this new technology for reminding us of something very ancient: indeed – that prayer meditation and ritual are fitness-trackers for the soul.”

(if you missed it, available wuth transcript at

FOOC: 16th anniversary

It’s exactly 16 years, so naturally the the bbc has to commemorate it …

this morning (saturday 29th), 11.25-11.30am, on bbc radio 4
from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) concludes with …

“16 years ago this week, my friend and colleague Abed Takkoush was killed by the Israeli army.”


FOOC: Venice ghetto

this morning (saturday 29th), 11.19-11.25am, on bbc radio 4
from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) includes …

500 years of the Venice ghetto

including contributions from …
• bbc journalist simon worral
• chief rabbi of venice shalom bahbout (more…)

PM: Jews saved by the Queen Mary

this afternoon (wednesday 25rd), 5.53-5.58pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by eddie mair) concludes with …

“How the Queen Mary saved the lives of two families of Jewish refugees.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter duncan kennedy
• robert irving, grandson of captain robert irving
• historian will kane
see also videos at (ludwig katzenstein), and (robert tennenbaum) (more…)

Outlook: Next to Her

this evening (wednesday 25th), 8.33-8.42pm, on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by matthew bannister) includes …

Liron Ben-Shlush is an Israeli actor who’s made a film inspired by her own experiences of growing up with a sister who had severe learning disabilities. Liron spoke to the BBC’s Judi Herman about writing and acting in the film Next to Her.”


Witness: Operation Solomon

this morning (wednesday 25th), 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio
the israeli airlift of ethiopian jews (in the witness series) (presented by alex last)

“In May 1991, at the end of Ethiopia’s civil war, 14,000 Ethiopian Jews were airlifted to Israel in just 36 hours during “Operation Solomon”.
An ancient Jewish community had lived in Ethiopia for centuries but amid war and famine, many tried to reach Israel. In 1984, Israel had rescued thousands of Ethiopian Jews from refugee camps in Sudan, Operation Solomon was meant to bring the remaining Ethiopian Jews to Israel.
We hear from • Daniel Nadawo, an Ethiopian Israeli, about his memories of the dramatic airlift.”


Original sin

yesterday afternoon (monday 23rd), 4.30-5.00pm, on bbc radio 4
original sin (in the beyond belief series) (presented by ernie rea)

“For more than 1,500 years the Catholic Church has maintained that the sin of Adam in the Garden of Eden was passed on to every subsequent human being. This meant that every baby was born bad, with its inherent human nature corrupted and attracted to sin. This was not a marginal teaching; it has underpinned Christianity.”
(0:19:57) “The Jews have a wonderful phrase: they say on the Day of Judgment, you will be judged and condemned for every legitimate pleasure you could have had and did not engage in … I find that not such a powerful affirmation of God’s wonderful creation as the Jewish view”


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