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Newshour: Israel’s strategy

this afternoon (monday 30th), 2.07-2.12pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by razia iqbal) includes …

“Reports from Syria suggest that missile strikes on a government military base in Hama province have killed at least twenty-six people. But who fired the missiles and what was the target?

including interview with …
amos harel of haaretz

Newshour: Pompeo in Jerusalem

yesterday evening (sunday 29th), 9.08-9.12pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james coomarasamy) leads with …

“The new US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has expressed ‘deep concern’ at what he called Iran’s ambition to dominate the Middle East, and its escalating threats towards Israel. He was speaking in Jerusalem after talks with the Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman

Guilty architecture

last thursday morning (26th april), 11.00-11.30am, on bbc radio 4
guilty architecture (presented by jonathan glancey)

Jonathan Glancey asks whether buildings are innocent of the purpose for which they were built.

News Quiz: Labour anti-semitism

this evening (friday 27th), 6.37-6.44pm, on bbc radio 4
the news quiz (chaired by miles jupp, with hugo rifkind, suzi ruffell, andy hamilton, and mark steel) includes …

“Where is there a row he-brewing?”
”They ask you how anti-semitic you are, on a scale of one to Ken!”

(if you missed it, available from 0:06:10 to 0:13:10 at

Newshour: Gaza deaths

this afternoon (friday 27th), 2.36-2.44pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by razia iqbal) includes …

”The UN top official on human rights has called on Israel to stop using what he called excessive force against Palestinians in Gaza.”

including contributions from …
rupert colville, unhcr spokesman
• bbc reporter tom bateman

Michal Rovner

sunday 2nd november 2003, 9.30-10.15pm, on bbc radio 3
michal rovner (presented by john tusa (in the the john tusa interviews series)

“A series of conversations with some of the world’s greatest artistic originators.
This week. John Tusa meets the Israeli-born video artist, Michal Rovner.”

(see also simon schama’s concluding segment in civilisations: the vital spark, on bbc 4 tv on 26th april 2018, from 0:49:45 to 0:54:00 at
(if you missed it, available at

QT: Labour anti-semitism

yesterday evening (thursday 26th), 11.08-11.22pm, on bbc 1
question time (chaired by david dimbleby) (with • human rights lawyer jen robinson, • conservative mp matt hancock, • labour mp diane abbott, • comedian and presenter simon evans, • green mp caroline lucas) includes…

Why does Labour have such problem with anti-semitism?”

in a question about anti-semitism, caroline lucas of the green party suddenly criticises israel

“I’m not anti-Israel, but I am sometimes very critical of the actions of the Israeli authorities – quite often the illegal actions of the Israeli authorities – in Palestine, and I do get very frustrated that often that isn’t called out: when there are, for example, more homes being built on the occupied territories, against UN laws, when there are housing being demolished, when the Wall is being built in a way that basically cuts Palestinian farmers off from their land.”

Civilisations: Theresienstadt

yesterday evening (thursday 26th), 9.00-9.09pm, on bbc 4 tv
the vital spark (presented by simon schama (last of 9 episodes in the civilisations series) starts with a segment on Theresienstadt

“What can art do when horror comes calling? What can art do when civilisation itself is lost?

(if you missed it, available from 0:00:00 to 0:07:45 at

P4t: Neuberger 26/4/2018

yesterday morning (thursday 26th), 9.22-9.25am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by rabbi julia neuberger

Facing struggles alongside friends: ‘You are already being brave, but it’s alright to ask your friends for help’.”


P4t: Goldberg 26/4/2018

yesterday morning (thursday 26th), 5.45-5.48am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by jewish chaplain alex goldberg

Passing down life experiences to others: ‘There’s always a story to tell’.”


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