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Not forgotten

last thursday morning (5th december), 11.35-11.58am, on bbc radio 4 

not forgotten (presented by anna freeman) (in the sketches: stories of art and people series) includes …

“Featuring Nudrat Afza, a self-taught photographer documenting the dwindling congregation of Bradford’s last synagogue, and Arek Hersh, a Polish holocaust survivor, whose visit to a secondary school in the Lake District inspired an incredible art project involving six million buttons, one for each person in the Holocaust.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter mair bosworth

• photographer nudrat afza

rudi leavor, leader of the bradford tree of life synagogue

• bbc reporter becky ripley

arek hersh, born 1928, poland

• artist and curator trevor avery 


MN: Merkel at Auschwitz

this morning (saturday 7th), 12.24-12.26am, on bbc radio 4 

midnight news includes …

Angela Merkel has made her first visit as German chancellor to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland. She said Germany had an unending responsiblity to remember war crimes committed by the Nazis. She also warned of a resurgence in intolerance.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter jenny hill

(see also


Today/W@1: Merkel at Auschwitz

this morning (friday 6th), 8.06-8.07am and 1.34-1.35pm, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by martha kearney and mishal husain) and world at one (presented by jonny dymond) include …

Angela Merkel will make her first visit to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland today, ahead of the seventieth anniversary of its liberation next month.” 


Witness: Hotel Lutetia

tuesday 29th october, 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio

the paris hotel that hosted holocaust survivors (presented by louise hidalgo) (in the witness history series)

“At the end of the Second World War the grand Parisian hotel, the Lutetia, was allocated to receive thousands of prisoners and Nazi concentration camp survivors returning home from across a ravaged Europe.

Louise Hidalgo talks to two people for whom the Hotel Lutetia played a crucial role in 1945: • Maurice Cling, author of un enfant á aushcwitz, and • Christiane Umido who, as a young girl, was reunited there with her father. ”


Children of courage 8

tuesday 12th november, 8.30-8.55pm (repeated 8.30pm sunday), on bbc radio alba 

eva (14) in auschwitz (last of 8 episodes in the children of courage series) (in gaelic and czech, with english subtitles)

“This episode asks, how could a fourteen-year-old girl survive Auschwitz?, and takes us into the world of the most infamous Nazi concentration camp of them all.

Fourteen-year-old Eva is already an orphan when she arrives in Auschwitz concentration camp.


Should we bomb Auschwitz?

this evening (thursday 19th), 9.00-10.00pm (repeated 11.45pm monday), on bbc 2 tv  

should we bomb auschwitz? (narrated by zoe wannamaker)

including contributions from …

• professor nikolaus wachsmann, author of KL: a history of the nazi concentration camps

• professor deborah lipstadt

• professor michael berenbaum, co-editor of the bombing of auschwitz

• professor william rubinstein, author of the myth of rescue

max eisen, deported to auschwitz 1944

lenka weksberg (b 1926, czechoslovakia), deported from hungary to auschwitz 1944

zdenka fantlova (b czechoslovakia), deported to auschwitz 1944

hedy bohm (b 1928 transylvania), deported to auschwitz 1944

zigi shipper (b 1930 poland), deported from the lodz ghetto to auschwitz 1944

judy cohen (b 1928 hungary), deported to auschwitz 1944

• professor tami davis biddle, strategic studies institiute

rebecca erbelding, author of rescue board: the untold story of america’s efforts to save the jews of europe

“In April 1944, two Jewish prisoners, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, miraculously escaped from Auschwitz. When they recounted what they had left behind, their harrowing testimony revealed the true horror of the Holocaust to the outside world for the first time. They described in forensic detail the gas chambers and the full extent of the extermination programme. The news they brought presented the Allies with one of the greatest moral questions of the 20th century: Should we bomb Auschwitz?


Railways of the Holocaust

this evening (saturday 31st), 9.55-11.20pm, on channel 5 tv (repeated from sunday 28th october 2018 and wednesday 23rd january)

railways of the holocaust (presented by chris tarrant) (extended episode) (episode 5, 4th series, of chris tarrant: extreme railways)

“Travelling to Nuremberg, Theresienstadt, Berlin, Gniezno, the Lodz ghetto, and Auschwitz, Chris Tarrant explores the darkest chapter in the history of the railways – their role in the Nazi Holocaust of WWII.”

including interviews with …

• kindertransport child zuzana spitzerova

• theresienstadt deportee helga weissova

• rabbi and railways expert walter rothschild

• railway slave worker, aged 11, arek hersh

bartlomiej grzanka, kulmhof museum


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