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Parkinson: Bronowski

yesterday evening (wednesday 14th), 10.15-11.20pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from 8th february 1974 on bbc 1) (now in the bbc 4 talk collection,
parkinson: dr jacob bronowski

Michael Parkinson‘s guest, in 1974, was Dr Jacob Bronowski, presenter and writer of the 1973 documentary series, The Ascent of Man.
Dr Bronowski shares his first impressions on arriving in England in the 1920s, his memories of filming at Auschwitz, his thoughts on science and his broader philosophy of life, in a truly compelling interview.”


Eva Kor

last tuesday afternoon (21st march), 3.00-3.30pm, on bbc radio 4
counterpoint (presented by josie long) (in the short cuts series) concludes with …

“… the holocaust survivor who’s dedicated her life to talking to those who hurt her …”

including narrative by …
• mengele survivor Eva Kor
(see also (more…)

Schindler’s List

this morning (saturday 4th), 10.30-11.00am, on bbc radio 4
schindler’s list (in the and the academy award goes to series) (presented by paul gambaccini)

“With 12 nominations in 1993, the film won 7 Oscars, including cinematography for • Janusz Kaminski, and art direction for • Allan Starski, who recall their confrontations with the evils that happened in their homeland, whilst shooting the movie.
Rena Finder was just 10 years old when she first came into contact with Oskar Schindler: ‘He would put his hand on my head and ask me, how are you little one?’


HMD: Guernsey

last friday morning (27th january), 9.43-9.59am, 10.11-10.35am, 10.38-10.46am, and 12.46-12.57pm, on bbc radio guernsey
jenny kendall-tobias leads with …

“The JKT show marks Holocaust Memorial Day

including interviews with …
jonathan arkush, president of the board of deputies
• guernsey and cambridge historian gilly carr
• survivor hannah lewis
karen pollock, chief executive of the holocaust educational trust (more…)

HMD: Newshour

yesterday afternoon (friday 27th), 2.51-2.57pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 9.51pm)
newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

“Today is Holocaust Memorial Day”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter alan little
• survivor susan pollack
phillipe sands
pavel savitski of auschwitz (more…)

Helen Lewis

last saturday morning (21st january), 8.32-8.45am, on bbc radio ulster
your place and mine (presented by anne marie mcaleese) includes …

A blue plaque is to be unveiled at Crescent Arts Centre in memory of the life of choreographer and dance teacher Helen Lewis, MBE, author of A Time to Speak, who once spoke of how dance ‘saved her life’ in Auschwitz.”

including interviews with …
• son robin lewis
• friend brenda mckee (more…)

HMD: Stoke

last sunday morning (22nd january), 8.09-8.15am, on bbc radio stoke
remembering the holocaust (presented by liz ellis) includes …

“We hear from a group of students who visited Auschwitz, and are urging people to remember the past on Holocaust Memorial Day.”

including interview with …
jack karimi, 18, of south cheshire college
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