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Kosher slaughter

last tuesday midday (25th february), 12.30-12.55pm on bbc radio 2:
vanessa feltz (standing in for jeremy vine) on denmark’s ban of halal and kosher meat, including a report by malcolm brabant and interviews with brent holst of the danish animal ethics council and kamran iqbal of the danish halal federation (more…)

The Producers (2005)

tomorrow night (saturday 1st), 10.30pm-12.35 on bbc 2:
the producers (2005 remake)

The Book Thief

tomorrow evening (saturday 1st), 7.15-7.45pm on bbc radio 4:
saturday review chaired by tom sutcliffe includes discussion of the book thief (more…)

Marty Feldman

last monday evening (24th february), 10.00-11.00pm on bbc radio 2:
barbara windsor’s east end men: marty feldman (more…)

The Book Thief

this evening (tuesday 25th), 7.15-7.22pm on bbc radio 4:
front row includes novelist Meg Rosoff reviewing the film of the book thief (more…)

Propaganda piece on Channel 4 News

last tuesday evening (18th february), 7.00pm channel 4 news on channel 4:
propaganda piece presented as news, by award-winning channel 4 journalist jonathan miller: abdel karim – the boy from gaza who never smiles:
jonathan miller was sent to investigate the poor state of the gaza health service, and the thousands of gazan children being treated free in israeli hospitals,
but somehow managed only to report that one boy’s free treatment was delayed (without apparent harm to him) because the unreasonable israelis objected to him being accompanied by suspected terrorists

(jonathan miller of course also makes unsubstantiated uninvestigated claims: of other similar cases, and of import of medical radioactive source material being forbidden by the israelis)
(if you missed it, available at…)

this is the same award-winning jonathan miller who, the day before, felt it appropriate to present a report entitled Gaza’s paralysis: the story of Arab Dola whose sole purpose was to compare gaza under israel with a quadraplegic who could not move below the neck, and needed everything to be done for him, including even “toilet” functions

(05:58) “Gaza’s quadraplegic ‘Bruce Lee’ lies rasping for breath, a metaphor for his crippled unrecognised nation.”

(if you missed it, available at…)
for israeli medical assistance to gaza see also and and generally


Forgiveness: Julia Neuberger

wednesday evening (26th february), 10.45-11.00pm on bbc radio 3:
julia neuberger on forgiveness (episode 3 of 5, monday to friday, in the essay series: this week’s other essayists on forgiveness are monday: madeleine bunting, tuesday: mark vernon, thursday: david starkey, and friday: michael symmons roberts

“Five people on what Forgiveness is, what it isn’t, and how you do it.
Baroness Julia Neuberger: ‘It’s not a case of Jews equal stern justice, Christians gentle love. We just don’t see how vicarious forgiveness makes sense.’.” (more…)

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