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HARDtalk: Niklas Frank

tomorrow (wednesday 26th), 4.30-5.00am (repeated 12.30am), on bbc news tv (repeated 8.06am, 3.06pm, and 8.06pm, on bbc world service radio)
niklas frank – son of hans frank, governor of nazi occupied poland (1939-45) (presented by stephen sackur) (in the hardtalk series)

Niklas Frank‘s father was Hans Frank, the Governor General of Nazi Occupied Poland during the Second World War. He was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg trials and executed in 1946.
Niklas Frank tells Stephen Sackur he ‘despises’ his father and doesn’t want Germany to forget the crimes of his father and the legacy of the Nazi era.”


HARDtalk: Rima Khalaf

this morning (monday 17th), 4.30-5.00am (repeated 12.30am tonight), on bbc news tv (repeated 8.06pm today, on bbc world service radio)
rima khalaf – executive secretary of UN ESCWA 2010-2017 (presented by steephen sackur) (in the hardtalk series)

Stephen Sackur talks to Rima Khalaf, who ran the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.
She commissioned a report which accused Israel of systematically implementing apartheid policies and promptly resigned from her UN post when the secretary general refused to accept the work.
What were her motives?


HARDtalk: Husam Zomlot

this afternoon (wednesday 8th), 3.06-3.30pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated from last thursday on bbc news tv)
husam zomlot, advisor to the president of the palestinian authority (interviewed by stephen sackur) (in the hardtalk series)

“Does the Trump era signal the end for the Palestinian dream of statehood?


HARDtalk: Avi Dichter

tuesday 27th september, 4.30-5.00am, on bbc news tv (repeated on bbc world service radio on friday 7th october)
hardtalk: avi dichter (presented by stephen sackur)

Stephen Sackur speaks to Avi Dichter, chair of Israel’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee.
A previous head of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, for five years. it was only later that he entered politics, first as a minister and now a parliamentary ally of prime minister Netanyahu. How does this gatekeeper of Israel’s security see its future?”


HARDtalk: Lord Dubs

this afternoon (monday 16th), 3.30-4.00pm, on bbc news tv (simultaneously with bbc radio 4)
lord dubs (presented by stephen sackur) (in the hardtalk series)

Lord Dubs, who came to Britain as one of the Kindertransport children.”


HARDtalk: Nir Barkat

yesterday evening (tuesday 5th), 8.30-9.00pm, on bbc news tv (repeated 12.30-1.00am) (repeated this evening, wednesday 6th, 8.06-8.30pm, on bbc world service radio)
hardtalk: nir birkat (interviewed by stephen sackur)

Stephen Sackur talks to Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem, about his ambitious plans to turn his city into a top global city hosting 10 million tourists a year.”

the bbc’s description (above) of this programme – of being about development and tourism – is totally misleading
the programme is entirely about terrorism, security, and allocation of building permits, commencing …

(0:00:10) “Israel declares Jerusalem to be its undivided capital. But the physical evidence inside the city points to a different reality: Jerusalem is a city of checkpoints, security barriers, and constant tension, between Jew and Arab.”


HARDtalk: Riyad Mansour

tuesday 27th october, 8.30-8.55pm, on bbc news 24 tv
HARDtalk: riyad mansour

Stephen Sackur speaks to the Palestinian ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, and asks him why alarming numbers of Palestinians seem intent on killing Israeli Jews?
The Israeli Government blames the surge in violence on hate fuelled incitement sanctioned by the Palestinian authorities. The Palestinians say it’s a response to the intolerable conditions of occupation.
Is a new wave of extremism sweeping the West Bank and Gaza?

it is not clear whether this programme was ever broadcast … it is marked “Sorry, this episode is not currently available”, at, and it is completely missing (between dmitir peskov on 26th obtober and eric cantor on 28th october) from the list of HARDtalk episodes (at

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