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Ch4N: Katz on Corbyn

tuesday 26th november, 7.12-7.18pm, on channel 4 tv

channel 4 news (presented by krishnan guru-murthy) includes …

“• Mike Katz, national chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, and • Rivkah Brown, a member of Labour and of Jews Against Boris, respond to the Chief Rabbi’s remarks.”


Ch4N: Margolyes on Corbyn

tuesday 26th november, 7.07-7.12pm, on channel 4 tv

channel 4 news (presented by krishnan guru-murthy) includes …

“Actor and Labour Party member • Miriam Margolyes responds to comments made by the Chief Rabbi about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.”


C4N: Rashida Tlaib

monday 13th august, on channel 4 tv
channel 4 news (presented by krishnan guru-murthy) includes …

Rashida Tlaib, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, is now the [unopposed] Democratic party candidate for Michigan’s 13th district.”
“What is the significance of you being a Palestinian-American, or being the first Muslim woman in Congress? … As a Palestinian, what’s your position on Israel, and on US aid to Israel?”


Kevin Wilshaw

yesterday evening (tuesday 17th), on channel 4 tv
channel 4 news (presented by paraic obrien) includes …

“Exclusive: Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser Kevin Wilshaw
quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay”


Zvika Klein video

yesterday evening (thursrday 19th), 7.47-7.52pm, on channel 4 tv
channel 4 news ends with …

“The 90-second video produced by the Israeli journalist Zvika Klein shows him being abused and spat at. But was it a fair representation of the experiences of Jews in France?


Propaganda piece on Channel 4 News

last tuesday evening (18th february), 7.00pm channel 4 news on channel 4:
propaganda piece presented as news, by award-winning channel 4 journalist jonathan miller: abdel karim – the boy from gaza who never smiles:
jonathan miller was sent to investigate the poor state of the gaza health service, and the thousands of gazan children being treated free in israeli hospitals,
but somehow managed only to report that one boy’s free treatment was delayed (without apparent harm to him) because the unreasonable israelis objected to him being accompanied by suspected terrorists

(jonathan miller of course also makes unsubstantiated uninvestigated claims: of other similar cases, and of import of medical radioactive source material being forbidden by the israelis)
(if you missed it, available at…)

this is the same award-winning jonathan miller who, the day before, felt it appropriate to present a report entitled Gaza’s paralysis: the story of Arab Dola whose sole purpose was to compare gaza under israel with a quadraplegic who could not move below the neck, and needed everything to be done for him, including even “toilet” functions

(05:58) “Gaza’s quadraplegic ‘Bruce Lee’ lies rasping for breath, a metaphor for his crippled unrecognised nation.”

(if you missed it, available at…)
for israeli medical assistance to gaza see also and and generally


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