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Treblinka: Hitler’s Secret Death Camp

tomorrow evening (wednesday 27th), 9.00-10.30pm, on channel 5 (repeated 11.45pm next sunday, 1st december)
treblinka: inside hitler’s secret death camp (more…)

Imagine … Judith Kerr

tomorrow evening (tuesday 26th), 10.35-11.35pm, on bbc 1
imagine … judith kerr (more…)

The cave: hiding from the Nazis:

this evening (monday 25th), 10.00-11.40pm, on channel 5
the cave: hiding from the nazis:

“Documentary about five Jewish families who descended into a pitch black cave in southern Ukraine to escape the Nazis in 1941, remaining there for nearly 18 months.” (more…)

An adventure in Space and Time

yesterday evening (thursday 21st), 9.00-10.30pm, on bbc 2
an adventure in space and time
90-minute drama: the first 60 minutes about waris hussein and verity lambert “here’s to us: the posh wog and the pushy jewish bird” being chosen by sydney newman, the jewish canadian head of bbc drama (ex-itv: the avengers, etc) to direct and produce the new doctor who series: “they’ve never had a female producer here, i want you to do it” (more…)

7 Days That Made The Fuhrer

early monday morning (25th november), 12.15-1.15am, on channel 5
7 Days That Made The Fuhrer (more…)

Hitler’s 9/11

sunday evening (24th november), 9.00-10.00pm, on channel 5
Hitler’s 9/11 (more…)

Desert Island Discs: Ed Milliband

sunday morning (24th november), 11.15am-12.00, on bbc radio 4
desert island discs with ed milliband (more…)

1726 Viennese haggadah

for no particular reason, here’s a link to adam partridge auctioneers where you can see all 42 pages of the 1726 viennese vellum haggadah being auctioned in macclesfield this friday (22nd november)
(click image for larger image, then click again for larger still)
“slight food and wine staining throughout!”  (more…)

1066: the Granada massacre

this afternoon (tuesday 19th), 4.00-4.30pm, on bbc radio 4
spin the globe: 1066 includes the massacre of several thousand jews in granada (more…)

Nazi Quest For The Holy Grail

tomorrow evening (wednesday 20th), 9.00-10.00pm, on channel 5
Nazi Quest For The Holy Grail (more…)

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