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SR: Kafka’s Last Trial

saturday 26th january, 7.34-7.43pm, on bbc radio 4 

saturday review (presented by tom sutcliffe) includes …

“When Franz Kafka died in 1924, he left instructions that any remaining manuscripts should be burnt. These instructions were not followed and a legal battle ensued to decide to whom they should belong: to the country of his language – Germany, of his birth – Czechoslovakia or his cultural affinities -Israel?. Benjamin Balint‘s book Kafka’s Last Trial follows the machinations of alleged ownership.”

including contributions from …

• writer lynn shepherd

• writer and performer inua ellams

katie puckrik


René Goscinny

this evening (saturday 12th), 7.41-7.49pm, on bbc radio 4
saturday review (presented by tom sutcliffe, with sathnam sanghera, lisa appignanesi, and kit davis) includes …

“A new exhibition looking at the life of René Goscinny, the co-creator of the indomitable Gaul Asterix is opening at at London’s Jewish Museum


Son of Saul

this evening (saturday 30th), 7.19-7.27pm, on bbc radio 4
saturday review (presented by tom sutcliffe, with antonia quirke and ekow eshun) leads with …

Son of Saul is an award-laden Hungarian film dealing with the sonderkommandos at Auschwitz, Jewish inmates who were forced to prepare and mislead new arrivals.”


Blood at the Jewish Museum

tomorrow evening (saturday 6th), 7.43-7.53pm, on bbc radio 4
saturday review includes …

“Blood at the Jewish Museum.”


The Book Thief

tomorrow evening (saturday 1st), 7.15-7.45pm on bbc radio 4:
saturday review chaired by tom sutcliffe includes discussion of the book thief (more…)

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