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Yiddisher jazz

last wednesday morning (28th august), 9.00-9.30am (repeated 9.30pm), on bbc radio 4 

we travel with songs (presented by roderick williams) (in the a singer’s guide to britain series) includes …

Roderick Williams … hears about the singing legacies of the Jewish East End.”

including contributions from …

• historian and broadcaster alan dein, compiler of yiddisher jazz compilation music is the most beautiful language in the world


Friday Night Dinner 5:1-2

this evening (friday 2nd), 11.05-11.35pm, and 11.35pm-12.05, on channel 4 tv (repeated from november and may 2018)

friday night dinner, with simon bird, tom rosenthal, tamsin greig, paul rittermark heap, and tracy-ann oberman (5th series, 1st and 2nd episodes of 6)

“1. The Other Jackie: Mum and Dad get a hot tub, and Jim brings a date round for a disastrous dinner.”

“2. The Tin of Meat: Mum’s friend Val moves in and causes havoc when she finds that Dad is hiding a tin of 20-year-old meat in his shed.”


BC: A-Wa tribute

yesterday evening (saturday 27th), 10.55-10.58pm (repeated 4.55am and 9.55am), on bbc world service radio

boston calling (presented by marco werman) concludes with …

“In their new album, three Israeli sisters pay tribute to a family member going three generations back, from Yemen.”

including interview with …

tair haim of a-wa


Outlook: Lipa Schmeltzer

this afternoon (monday 22nd), 12.32-12.47pm (repeated 6.32pm), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Lipa Schmeltzer has been called the Jewish Lady Gaga. That’s because Lipa’s style of traditional singing is filled with pop flair. He grew up in a Hasidic Jewish family in upstate New York, without much influence from the outside world. His father was a Holocaust survivor and wanted Lipa to become a rabbi.

But the pull of music proved too strong for Lipa. First he was involved with the traditional singing of his community, and then found pop when he heard it for the first time on the radio aged 20.

Colm Flynn went to meet him.”



this afternoon (sunday 7th), 14.55-17.00pm, on bbc 2 tv 

yentl (1983), starring barbara streisand and mandy patinkin

“Yentl Mendel, whose thirst for knowledge is inhibited by Jewish custom, has privately studied with her rabbi father. When he dies, she is determined to continue her studies so she disguises herself as a boy in order to gain admission to a yeshiva.”

(if you miss it, available at

Spoonface Steinberg

last thursday morning (23rd may), 10.00-11.00am (repeated 3.00pm and 3.00am), on bbc radio 4 extra (repeated from february 2016, january 2014, november 2011, december 2010, april 2010, and december 2008) (originally broadcast on bbc radio 4 in 1997)

spoonface steinberg (starring becky simpson and written by lee hall

“Spoonface is seven years old, autistic and terminally ill with cancer. She’s fascinated by opera and by the way her parents behave. With the help of their cleaner, Mrs Spud, she tries to come to terms with her extraordinary life.


Newshour: Phoenix

early tomorrow morning (sunday 26th), 12.50-2.25am, on bbc 2 tv (repeated from march 2019 and from february 2017)

phoenix (2014) 

Berlin, 1945: Singer Nelly Lenz returns to Berlin terribly disfigured having survived the concentration camps. After her recovery from extensive plastic surgery, refusing to believe that her estranged husband Johnny could have betrayed her to the Nazis, she resolves to find him in the hope he will still recognise her even though others no longer can.”


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