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LW: Branko Lustig

sunday 22nd december, 8.45-8.25pm (repeated from 4.15pm friday 20th), on bbc radio 4 

branko lustig, b. 10.6.1932, d. 14.11.2019 (part of last word, obituary programme, presented by matthew bannister

Branko Lustig, the holocaust survivor who won an Oscar as the producer of the film Schindler’s List.”

including interview with … 

• cultural commentator michael goldfarb 


BC: The Operative

this evening (saturday 18th), 10.42-10.47pm (repeated 4.42am and 9.42am), on bbc world service radio

boston calling (presented by marco werman) includes …

An Israeli spy thriller goes on location in Iran, the story behind the production is a thriller unto itself.”

including interview with …

yuval adler, writer and director of the operative


Yiddish survival

this afternoon (sunday 5th), 2.06-2.50pm (repeated from 9.06am thursday 2nd and 12.06am friday 3rd), on bbc world service radio 

yiddish: a story of survival (presented by rajan datar)(with • aaron lansky, the director of the yiddish book centre in the US, who helped save more than a million yiddish books from destruction; jewish-russian composer and singer • polina skovoroda shepherd who writes new songs that still remain within the Yiddish tradition; and • dr lily kahn, hebrew and jewish studies department, university college london, and author of colloquial yiddish) (in the the forum series)

“At its height, Yiddish, the language of the European Jews, was spoken by more than ten million people, from Russia in the east to the Netherlands in the West. But by the mid -20th century, these numbers were severely depleted following the Holocaust, and then the creation of the modern-day state of Israel where the speaking of Yiddish was discouraged.

So what does the future hold for this endangered culture with its great tradition of writers and thinkers?”


Sophie’s Lights

this afternoon (thursday 19th), 2.15-3.00pm (repeated from 18th december 2017), on bbc radio 4

sophie’s lights (by adam usden) (in the drama series)

“A father is torn between his Jewish heritage and his love for his daughter when she becomes convinced that Santa Claus is real. A heartwarming festive drama about learning to live in two places at once.”


LW: Jonathan Miller

this evening (sunday 1st), 8.31-8.41pm (repeated from 4.03pm friday), on bbc radio 4 

jonathan miller, b. 21.7.1934, d. 27.11.2019 (part of last word, obituary programme, presented by matthew bannister

Sir Jonathan Miller, who hated the term polymath – but undoubtedly was one. He came to fame in the satirical revue Beyond the Fringe, was a celebrated opera and theatre director and sometimes regretted his decision not to concentrate on his first calling as a doctor.”

including interviews with …

• son william miller 

• biographer kate bassett 


CoE: Jewish Cultural Heritage

friday 4th october, 10.01-10.50am, on the council of europe website

parliamentary assembly debate on the report on jewish cultural heritage 

including speeches by …

martin whitfield (soc, uk)

john howell (ec, uk)

sylvain waserman (alde, fr)

alexandros triantafyllidis (erl, gr)

andre reichardt (epp/cd, fr)

donald anderson (soc, uk)

sevinj fataliyeva (ec, az)

rafael huseynov (alde, az)

alexei kondratev (nr, ru)

stefan schennach (soc, au)

samad seyidov (ec, az)

(report at


Rosi Ruben

sunday 19th may, 12.12-12.16pm, on bbc radio 3 

jess robinson (presented by michael berkeley) (in the private passions series) includes …

“And we hear Jess’s grandmother Rosi Ruben (nee Schul) singing a traditional Yiddish song, recorded after she arrived in Britain in charge of seven boys on one of the very last Kindertransports in 1939.”

(see also


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