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Jewish history and jokes

this evening (wednesday 11th), 10.00-10.28pm, on bbc radio 3
jewish history and jokes (presented by philip dodd) (in the free thinking series)

“• Simon Schama and • Devorah Baum join Philip Dodd for a conversation ranging from the expulsion of Jewish people from Spain in 1492 to Jewish jokes today.”



FT: Holocaust barbers

last wednesday evening (25th january), 10.35-10.43pm, on bbc radio 3
free thinking (presented by anne mcelvoy) concludes with…

“Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day, New Generation Thinker Seán Williams discusses his research into barbers in the camps.”


FT: Deborah Lipstadt

last tuesday evening (24th january), 10.28-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3
free thinking (presented by matthew sweet) concludes with…

“• Deborah Lipstadt, the American historian who took on the Holocaust denier David Irving in a landmark court case, discusses its retelling in Denial.”


Spiegelman & Roth

this evening (thursday 10th), 10.00-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3
art spiegelman, american pastoral, marina abramovic (in the free thinking series) (more…)

Hitler and Drugs

yesterday evening (tuesday 4th), 10.19-10.32pm, on bbc radio 3
free thinking (presented by rana mitter) includes …

Norman Ohler, author of Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, reveals the role played by drugs such as methamphetamine in Hitler’s downfall.”


Hitler now

yesterday evening (thursday 3rd), 10.00-10.17pm,, on bbc radio 3
a new biography of hitler (presented by anne mcelvoy) (in the free thinking series)

“A best-selling German biography of Hitler, by Volker Ullrich, is now published in English.
Anne McElvoy explores the way German historians view Hitler now with historian • Richard J Evans, from the University of Cambridge, and the author, • Volker Ullrich.”


Petain and de Gaulle

this evening (wednesday 17th), 10.00-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3
delacroix, petain, de gaulle, jonathan lynn (in the free thinking series) leads with …

Jonathan Lynn, author of Yes, Minister talks to Philip Dodd about his new play Patriotic Traitor, which imagines the relationship between Petain and de Gaulle as that of father and son, and follows them from their first meeting in World War I to the end of the Second World War, by which time each had sentenced the other to death.
Suhdir Hazareesingh, author of In The Shadow of the General: Modern France and the Myth of de Gaulle, • writer and political columnist Anne Elizabeth Moutet and • Daniel Lee, New Generation Thinker and author of Pétain’s Jewish Children discuss the different notions of France that Petain and de Gaulle fought for, and their post-war legacies.
The Patriotic Traitor is at the Park Theatre in London from February 17th to March 19th.”


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