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Friday Night Dinner 5:1-2

this evening (friday 2nd), 11.05-11.35pm, and 11.35pm-12.05, on channel 4 tv (repeated from november and may 2018)

friday night dinner, with simon bird, tom rosenthal, tamsin greig, paul rittermark heap, and tracy-ann oberman (5th series, 1st and 2nd episodes of 6)

“1. The Other Jackie: Mum and Dad get a hot tub, and Jim brings a date round for a disastrous dinner.”

“2. The Tin of Meat: Mum’s friend Val moves in and causes havoc when she finds that Dad is hiding a tin of 20-year-old meat in his shed.”


The Simpsons 26:1

this afternoon (tuesday 7th), 6.00-6.30pm, on channel 4 tv (not available online)

clown in the dumps (1st episode, 26th series, of the simpsons)

Krusty loses confidence and retires from show business after his father dies without ever giving approval to his son’s career.”

The Attractive Young Rabbi 1:1

tomorrow morning (wednesday 13th), 9.30-10.00am, on radio 4 extra (repeated 4.30pm and 4.30am) (repeated from may 2016 match 2013 august 2011 september 2010 september 2009 and july 2008, and from 1999 on bbc radio 4)
the new synagogue, by barry grossman, with tracy-ann oberman, david de keyser, henry goodman, and doreen mantle (1st of 4 weekly episodes, 1st series, of the attractive young rabbi)

A single phone call turns the comfortable world of Rabbi Fine upside down.”

Jerusalem North-West

this morning (wednesday 30th), 11.15am-12.00 (repeated 9.15pm), on bbc radio 4 extra (repeated from 1998 on bbc radio 4)
jerusalem north-west (comedy, by vanessa rosenthal, starring sarah lancashire, david fleeshman, and brigit forsyth)

Maggie converted to Judaism to marry Harry, but now looking back over her life, she remembers the man she once fell in love with. Does she regret her decision?” (more…)

Losing it

this morning (monday 15th), 11.30am-12.00, on bbc radio 4
losing it (3rd episode, 2nd series, of josh howie’s losing it) (comedy, starring josh howie, pippa evans, margaret cabourn-smith, gavin ford, and alexei sayle)

(if you missed it, available at

The circumcision

yesterday morning (monday 8th), 11.30am-12.00, on bbc radio 4
the circumcision (2nd episode, 2nd series, of josh howie’s losing it) (comedy, starring josh howie, pippa evans, and tova leigh)

(if you missed it, available at

LW: Denis Norden

this afternoon (friday 21st), 4.03-4.12pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 8.03pm sunday)
last word (obituary programme, presented by andrea catherwood) leads with …

Denis Norden, the television presenter and comedy writer who made Britain laugh for half a century.
Born 6 February 1922; died 19 September 2018, aged 96.”

including interview with …
• broadcaster russell davies

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