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HARDtalk: Nir Barkat

this morning (friday 6th), 12.30-1.00am (repeated 4.30am, and 2.30pm tomorrow), on bbc news tv (and repeated 8.06am and 8.06pm today, on bbc world service radio)
nir barkat – mayor of jerusalem (interviewed by stephen sackur) (in the hardtalk series)

“HARDTalk is in Jerusalem, an ancient city which arguably stirs more passion, argument and hostility than any other. Israel claims all of it as its eternal, undivided capital – a claim at odds with international law and much world opinion, but boosted by President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy there.
Stephen Sackur talks to Jerusalem’s two-term mayor Nir Barkat.
Can Israel conclusively win the struggle for Jerusalem?”



Newshour: BBC promotes UNRWA-USA

BBC bias: The BBC presents a completely one-sided report on political organisation UNRWA-USA:
i] the report presents a small response to a political organisation as a USA-wide grass-roots funding and opposition to USA policy
ii] the report supports the view that humanitarian aid to refugees should not depend on politics, even though most of UNRWA’s aid to Palestinians is solely dependent on politics, since in no other situation is UN aid given to children or grandchidren of refugees
iii] the whole report is presented as relevant solely on the hook of a UN Security Council debate on Gaza that has nothing to do with UNRWA or refugees

this afternoon (wednesday 13th), 2.44-2.49pm (repeated 9.49pm), on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james menendez) includes …

”Years of conflict have left Gaza in ruins. Infrastructure’s crumbling, the economy’s paralysed, and basic supplies such as electricity are in crisis. Despite this, the United States has cut off vital funding to the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA. But, as Nada Tawfik reports, across the US, American citizens are now filling the void.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter nada tawfik
peter mulrean, director of the unrwa representative office in new york
abby smardon, executive director of political charity unrwa-usa

BBC Ulster bias

BBC Ireland presents a completely one-sided discussion on the violence in Gaza and the Israel/Palestine peace process, even somehow including the 1996 war in Lebanon, unemployment in Iran, and boycotting the Eurovision song contest.
Tom Clonan, at 9.21am, accuses Israel’s actions in Lebabon of leading to 9/11 and the war in Aghanistan

this morning (sunday 20th), 9.04-9.59am, on bbc radio ulster and bbc radio foyle
sunday sequence (presented by roisin mcauley) leads with …

“After a week of horror in Gaza, is the roadmap to peace now in complete ruins?
• Dr Julie Norman, • Rev Gary Mason and • Tom Clonan discuss how peace could somehow yet be found.”


Newshour: BBC supports UNHRC

yesterday evening (friday 18th), 9.23-9.29pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by jon donnison) includes …

“The UN Human Rights Council has voted for an independent investigation into the killing of dozens of Palestinian protesters by Israeli forces in Gaza this week.”

zeid ra’ad al-hussein, un high commissioner for human rights
aviva raz shechter, israeli ambassador to un in geneva
(if you missed it, available from 0:17:15 to 0:23:00 at

Newshour: photographer killed

BBC BIAS: The BBC broadcasts that he was shot in the stomach, despite knowing that he was wearing a flak jacket, and that the Palestinian health authority had announced that he was shot in the side of the chest (which the flak jacket did not cover, and from which direction the word “PRESS” on his front and back would not have been visible).
The BBC also broadcasts that he was holding a camera, when it is almost certain that he was holding the control box for a drone from which he had just posted aerial photographs, and may have been photographing Israeli positions.

yesterday evening (saturday 7th), 9.36-9.43pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

“Why was a Palestinian photographer shot dead in Gaza by Israeli forces?”

including interview with …
• friend hind kudari

Jenin art

BBC bias: A one-sided programme largely about Jenin, presenting an unchallenged Palestinian narrative of violence.

this morning (thursday 15th), 11.00-11.30am, on bbc radio 4
dangerous places (presented by composer errollyn wallen) (in the the art of now series)

“… Actor and educator Ahmed Tobasi explains how Jenin’s Freedom Theatre changed his life, and Mustafa Staiti discusses his work as artistic director of Jenin’s new Fragments Theatre. Composer Matti Kovler explores the impact of his experiences in the Israeli Defence Forces during the Second Intifada in Jenin.

Today: Polish holocaust law

BBC bias: A Member of the European Parliament for the right-wing (alleged racist) Law and Justice Party is introduced by the BBC solely as a “professor of history at the Polish Academy of Sciences“.

this morning (friday 2nd), 8.34-8.39am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by nick robinson and john humphrys) includes …

Israel’s prime minister has warned Poles not to try to change history

including interview with …
wojciech roszkowski, mep for the law and justice party
konstanty gebert columnist, gazeta wyborcza

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