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BBC bias: Miriam and Youssef


1. Two Jewish massacres are described in detail:  the 1946 massacre of 91 (mostly) British by bomb at the King David Hotel, and the 1948 massacre of 107 Palestinian Arabs at Deir Yassin.

The 1920 1921 and 1929 massacres by Palestinian Arabs in the Arab Riots in various cities (the worst of which was of 67 Jews in Hebron in 1929) were not mentioned at all (there were no similar ‘Jewish riots’ and killings).


Today: Annexation today?

BBC bias: BBC presenter Nick Robinson lies that the occupation of the West Bank is illegal, and lies that most of the world regards it as illegal.

this morning (wednesday 1st), 7.21-7.26am, 8.37-8.42am, and 8.46-8.49am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by nick robinson) includes …

“Today is the day when Israel could begin to annex large parts of what most of the world regards as the illegally occupied West Bank, dashing hopes of a so-called two-state solution in which an independent Palestine lives alongside Israel in peace.“

including contributions from …

• ambassador hussam zomlot

• bbc reporter jeremy bowen 

sharren haskel mk 


AH: Miriam and Youssef

last tuesday morning (16th june), 10.50-10.56am (repeated 12.50am, and repeated from 8.50pm saturday), on bbc world service radio 

the arts hour (presented by nikki bedi) concludes with …

“Writer Steve Waters reveals the challenges of dramatizing the founding of Israel for radio, from 1917 to 1948.”

including interview with …

• writer steve waters 


Miriam and Youssef 3

BBC BIAS: In an episode headed “1929”, the BBC describes even-handedly the attacks by Arabs and Jews on each other, leaving out the 1929 Arab riots in which Jews were massacred in several cities (including 60 Jews in Hebron).

BBC BIAS: On four occasions, complaints are made of Jews “stealing our land”, with no attempt to point out that land was always bought from willing Arabs at a fair price. Also of “Jews irrigating with our water”. 

this morning (sunday 17th), 8.06-8.33am (repeated from 11.32am and 10.06pm wednesday), on bbc world service radio 

the holy places (3rd of 10 episodes of miriam and youssef) (written by steve waters)

“3. 1929. Tensions boil in Jerusalem. Arabs and Jews feel they are being denied access to holy sites. Both take to the streets in protest – and the ruling British seem powerless to prevent blood being spilt in the holy city.”

(if you missed it, available at

Israel’s drinking water

31st august 2002, on bbc world service radio 

israel’s drinking water (presented by alan johnston) (in the the assignment series)

“A report on problems with the supply of drinking water in Israel. There is growing concern over the lack of water available to quench the thirst of Palestinians and Israelis alike. However Israelis appear to be getting priority over their Arab neighbours.

Alan Johnson looks at the effect the water crisis is having on the communities in some of the settlements.”

including contributions from …

ataf abu jeis, farmer of beit dajan

hesham al zoubi university Tulkarem

ayman rabi, palestininan hydrology group

yaacob kidal, israeli foreign ministry

jad isaac, palestinian environmental expert 

eilon adar, water expert at ben-gurion university of the negev 


Nh: Coronavirus Gaza 3

BBC bias: The BBC has now presented four different reports in under three weeks on Gazans “coping with the coronavirus pandemic” even though coronavirus has not yet entered Gaza (apart from “a handful of cases” in the quarantine unit on the Egyptian border), and without mentioning that the “devastation of the health service” is caused by lack of funding from the Palestinian Authority.

this evening (tuesday 31st), 9.15-9.19pm, on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by paul henley) includes …

“How people in Gaza are coping with the coronavirus pandemic.”

including interview with …

najla shawa, food security manager for oxfam in gaza, formerly health research team leader at unrwa 2008-2014

(see also


Twt: Coronavirus Gaza 2

BBC bias: BBC presenter Razia Iqbal fails to make clear that the two cases of coronavirus are from Egypt, not Gaza, and to mention that the “devastation of the health service” is caused by lack of funding from the Palestinian Authority.

yesterday evening (wednesday 25th), 10.08-10.14pm, on bbc radio 4

the world tonight (presented by razia iqbal) includes …

  “In countries already affected by conflict, natural disasters or climate change, the death toll from the coronavirus will be higher. The warning comes after the confirmation of two cases in the densely-populated Gaza region, where a decade-long blockade has devastated the health service.”

including interviews with …

• gaza spokesman dr khamis abdelkarim elessi 

mark lowcock, under-secretary-general for hunanitarian affairs and emergency relief, united nations


Twt/Nh: Coronavirus Gaza

yesterday evening (friday 13th), 10.23-10.28pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 1.20pm and 9.25pm saturday on newshour on bbc world service radio) 

the world tonight (presented by matthew bannister) includes …

“Among them is the Gaza strip, where more than two million people live in tightly packed conditions, and where the World Health Organisation believes that urgent global intervention would be necessary if cases of COVID-19 are recorded … There have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus so far in Gaza.”

including interview with … 

• bbc reporter tom bateman 


Lea Tsemel

BBC bias: The BBC presents a completely one-sided view of an Israeli terrorism trial. This may have been acceptable on an Israeli channel, where viewers could be expected to be already familiar with ‘the other side’ of this specific case (and of terrorism trials generally). But not in the UK, where most viewers would have no knowledge other than presented in this programme.

monday 10th february, 10.00-11.30pm, on bbc 4 tv  

advocate: a lawyer without borders (in the storyville series) (with english subtitles)

“Jewish lawyer Lea Tsemel is a controversial figure in Israel. For the last 50 years, she has fearlessly defended Palestinians prosecuted in Israeli courts for resisting the occupation both violently and non-violently. Taking on tough cases, including charges of terrorism, the odds are stacked sharply against her. To many Israelis, Lea defends the indefensible, but for Palestinians she is more than a lawyer, she is an advocate.


FOOC: Sa’adat Gharib

yesterday morning (saturday 22nd), 11.33–11.39am, on bbc radio 4 

from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) leads with …

“President Trump’s plan for peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories would allow Israel to apply its sovereignty to all the Jewish settlements as well as swathes of strategic land in the West Bank. The Palestinian leadership has rejected the plan outright saying it would create a “Swiss cheese state“.

Our Middle East Correspondent Tom Bateman spent time on two sides of a fence that separates an Israeli settlement from a Palestinian family with its own checkpoint.”

(see also video of tom bateman’s interviews, with • saadat gharib and • ilanit gohar, at


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