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B100D: Jerusalem reaction

yesterday evening (thursday 7th), 7.00-7.14pm, and 7.35-7.39pm, on bbc 4 tv
beyond 100 days (presented by jane o’brien and christian fraser) leads with …

“Who is actually influencing him? We’ve heard a lot about Sheldon Adelson …”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell
• bbc reporter tom bateman
william cohen, former us defence secretary
omar shakir of human rights watch (more…)


Remember Baghdad

BBC bias: BBC News’s Julian Worricker presents the view that Iraqi Jews were not ethnically cleansed by persecution since they left partly because Ben-Gurion encouraged them to leave while they could still get out.
Don’t mention the ethnic cleansing!

last sunday morning (19th november), 6.44-6.59am, on bbc world service radio
weekend (presented by julian worricker)

What happened to the Jews of Baghdad?

including interview with …
edwin shuker, born baghdad 1955, left 1971, narrator of new film remember baghdad
(see also (more…)

Balfour Declaration

BBC bias: as usual, this Balfour critique makes no mention of the Balfour promise that “nothing shall be done which may prejudice … the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country – broken by the expulsion of 850,000 Jews from Arab countries
BBC bias: it includes, at 0:41:25 (without commentary), France 2’s notorious “Muhammad Al Durrah Incident” footage

yesterday evening (tuesday 31st), 9.00-10.00pm, on bbc 2
the balfour declaration: britain’s promise to the holy land (presented by bbc reporter jane corbin, a descendant of leo amery) (in the this world series)
including interviews with …
yudit slotsky, 96, and ruth slotsky, 91
amnon shashua, professor of computer science, and founder of mobileye
yisrael meir lau, former askenazi chief rabbi of israel
• former palestinian prime minister abu ala
yitzhak rabin
yassir arafat
• oslo negotiator yossi beilin
• dr mahmoud al zahar, co-founder of hamas
gila fenton, israeli living in nahal oz, half a mile from gaza
lenny goldberg, follower of meir kahane
• journalist asma algoul of gaza (more…)

Shimon Tzabar

BBC bias: Presented and also produced by his own son, this very one-sided programme avoided saying (and nobody was asked) why there was such opposition to Tazbar.
It failed to point out that Tzabar wanted the West Bank Golan Heights and Sinai to be returned without any peace treaty, and despite the loss of thousands of Israeli lives to attacks launched from those territories.
Tzabar is described only as playful, profound, just a little bit annoying, a star of Ha’aretz, artist, and writer of five popular children’s books. No mention of his Israel Communist Party membership, nor his holocaust comparison.
(for Tzabar’s writings, see his own website,

yesterday afternoon (sunday 15th), 1.30-2.00pm, on bbc radio 4
my father’s israel (produced and presented by son, Rami Tzabar) (more…)

Newshour: Politics and art

BBC bias: The BBC allows the following lie to be broadcast unchallenged: “They are Israeli citizens on paper, but they’re second, third class citizens, they don’t have the same rights, they’re not represented by the Israeli government for sure.”

this evening (saturday 14th), 9.44-9.49pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by paul henley) includes …

Razia Iqbal asked Palestinian film-maker • Ann-Marie Jacir how difficult it was as a Palestinian to keep politics and art separate.”


Tzabar trailer

This week’s bbc radio 4 trailer is for a programme presented by BBC producer Rami Tzabar, about his father Shimon Tzabar, an Israeli Communist Party member and holocaust-comparer.
Although Shimon Tzabar himself wrote “To criticise Israeli policy in Israel was acceptable (, the trailer implies that he left for his safety.
(also ibid “How is it, I often ask myself, that people who have experienced the Holocaust can treat other people, especially their neighbors, like that?“)

yesterday afternoon (monday 9th), 5.58pm, on bbc radio 4 (and regularly throughout the week)
bbc radio 4 trailer of the week
“In 1967, Israel sought to settle occupied land.
‘There was a national euphoria. They felt that Israel was so strong, this must have been ordained, it was just very difficult to swim against the tide.’
Those who disagreed were accused of betraying the Zionist cause.
‘People looked at me and Shimon as enemy number one.’
One man’s vision, and the impact on his family.
The brick went through the bedroom window, I think, yes.’
My Father’s Israel, next Sunday afternoon, at half-past one, and then available on the BBC radio 4 website.”
(if you miss it, available eg from 0:58:14 to 0:58:53 at

Today: lessening tension

BBC bias: the BBC even-handedly equates the stabbing to death of 3 israelis in their home with the killing of 4 palestinians violently attacking security forces (one of whom was killed by his own molotov cocktail)
this morning (tuesday 25th), 7.16-7.21am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by nick robinson ) includes …

“In the early hours of the morning, Israeli ministers decided to stop the use of metal detectors at a highly sensitive Jerusalem holy site after the new security measures set off deadly unrest.
Will this lessen the tensions which have led to the deaths of three Israelis and four Palestinians in recent days?”

including interviews with …
• palestinian ambassador manuel hassassian
• former mossad director efraim halevy, former head of israel’s national security council, and former director of mossad (more…)

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