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Today: 70 Labour witnesses

this morning (friday 6th), 8.19-8.23am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by martha kearney and mishal husain) includes …

“Did you read the Jewish Labour Movement’s submission to the Equality and Human Rights Commission?

including contributions from …

rebecca long-bailey mp

• impressionist jon culshaw


Today/W@1: Merkel at Auschwitz

this morning (friday 6th), 8.06-8.07am and 1.34-1.35pm, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by martha kearney and mishal husain) and world at one (presented by jonny dymond) include …

Angela Merkel will make her first visit to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland today, ahead of the seventieth anniversary of its liberation next month.” 


Today: Hezbollah missiles

this morning (friday 6th), 8.37-8.42am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by martha kearney and mishal husain) includes …

“With your allies in Iran, you have amassed an enormous arsenal of rockets and missiles, including guided missiles, that presumably you’d use in a war with Israel.  Under what circumstances would you use that arsenal of weapons?

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter jeremy bowen

naim qassem, deputy leader, hezbollah


Today/Nd: Netanyahu indicted

this morning (friday 22nd), 6.51-6.57am on bbc radio 4, and 7.17-7.20am on bbc world service radio 

today (presented by mishal husain) and newsday (presented by carnagie sharp) include …

“That was Benjamin Netanyahu’s combative responsive to Israel’s attorney-general charging him with fraud bribery and breach of trust, the first time a serving Israeli prime minister has been indicted. What will happen now?

including interviews with …

• journalist anshel pfeffer, author of bibi the turbulent life and times of benjamin netanyahu

allison kaplan sommer of haaretz


Today: Gaza escalation

this morning (wednesday 13th), 6.34-6.37am and 8.33-8.40am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by mishal husain) includes …

“There are fears of a further escalation of violence between Israel and Gaza after twenty-four hours in which a Palestinian commander was killed by Israel, rocket attacks from Gaza injured Israelis, and Palestinians were killed in further Israeli strikes on the territory.“

including contributions from …

bbc reporter tom bateman

• “gaza resident” anas

• mattress warehouse owner avi barssessat, author of the slumber of kings

sharren haskel mk


Today: Zarah Sultana

this morning (tuesday 5th), 7.57-7.58m and 8.20-8.22am, on bbc radio 4 

today (presented by justin webb and mishal husain) includes …

“You’ve got Zarah Sultana, a candidate there who has online said ‘Try to stop me – she’s talking about celebrating deaths – when the likes of Blair Netanyahu and Bush die’.”

“The Labour Party has a huge problem with anti-semitism.”

(see also

including interviews with …

keir starmer mp

michael gove mp


Today: Ellman resigns

this morning (thursday 17th), 7.02-7.03am and 7.15-7.19am, on bbc radio 4

today (presented by mishal husain) includes …

“The MP Dame Louise Ellman has left the Labour party after more than five decades, saying Jeremy Corbyn would pose a danger to the country if he became prime minister.“

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter jason kaye

louise ellman mp


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