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Friday Night Dinner 2:1-6

tonight (saturday 29th and sunday 1st), 11.35pm-2.50am, on channel E4 tv (repeated from 7th october to 11th november 2012 on channel 4 tv)

friday night dinner (all episodes except the christmas episode, 2nd series) (starring tamsin greig, paul ritter, simon bird, tom rosenthal, mark heap, and tracy-ann oberman) (written by robert popper)


P4t: Marks 27/2/2020

yesterday morning (thursday 27th), 9.20-9.23am, on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by laura marks 

Joy is a social emotion.”


P4t: Goldberg 27/2/2020

yesterday morning (thursday 27th), 5.49-5.52am, on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by rabbi alex goldberg

Destiny is destiny.”


P4t: Silkoff 26/2/2020

last wednesday morning (26th february), on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by judy silkoff

“All roads lead to Rome.”


HARDtalk: Yasser Abu Jamei

this morning (wednesday 26th), 4.30-4.55am (repeated 12.30am), on bbc news tv (and repeated 4.06am 3.06pm and 8.06pm on bbc world service radio)

dr yasser abu jamei – mental health in gaza (interviewed by stephen sackur) (in the hardtalk series)

“HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to Dr Yasser Abu Jamei, director of Gaza’s biggest mental health program. The past few days have seen rising tension in Gaza – Islamist militants fired rockets into Israel; the Israelis responded with air strikes aimed at the Islamic Jihad group. Hardly unusual and certainly not the stuff of international headlines but that in itself is telling. In Gaza conflict is the norm, so too an economic blockade that has long choked the economy.

What happens to a people living with trauma and collective despair?”

(see also #12 at



every afternoon this fortnight (monday 24th to friday 28th and monday 2nd to friday 6th), 12.04-12.18pm (repeated 10.45pm), on bbc radio 4 

apeirogon (by colum mccann) (read by stanley townsend) (10 episodes)

“In Apeirogon – named for a shape with a countably infinite number of sides – Colum McCann creates an epic novel inspired by the real experiences of Palestinian Bassam Aramin and Israeli Rami Elhanan who, after each losing a child, came together to promote peace.

1. Bassam begins his morning walking to the mosque. Rami rides his motorbike to the monastery.


OB: Apeirogon

yesterday afternoon (sunday 23rd), 4.02-4.15pm (repeated thursday 3.32pm), on bbc radio 4 

open book (presented by mariella frostrup) leads with …

“• Colum McCann tells Mariella about Apeirogon, his suitably multi-sided book about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, inspired by two fathers who have both lost their daughters. A soaring mixture of reportage, mythology, poetry and ornithology, among many other things, McCann makes the case for it as a “novel” with a universal message.“


Sunday: The ‘Jewish vote’?

this morning (sunday 23rd), 7.41-7.48am, on bbc radio 4 

sunday (presented by william crawley) includes …

Tara McKelvey reports on Michael Bloomberg, and asks if he can count on a block vote from the Jewish community as he strives to secure the Democrat nomination in the race for the Presidency.”

including contributions from  …

• bbc reporter tara mckelvey 

steve rabinowitz 

• journalist amy saltzman

• student alena shulman

• professor daniel b schwartz 


FOOC: Sa’adat Gharib

yesterday morning (saturday 22nd), 11.33–11.39am, on bbc radio 4 

from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) leads with …

“President Trump’s plan for peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories would allow Israel to apply its sovereignty to all the Jewish settlements as well as swathes of strategic land in the West Bank. The Palestinian leadership has rejected the plan outright saying it would create a “Swiss cheese state“.

Our Middle East Correspondent Tom Bateman spent time on two sides of a fence that separates an Israeli settlement from a Palestinian family with its own checkpoint.”

(see also video of tom bateman’s interviews, with • saadat gharib and • ilanit gohar, at


P4t: Marks 20/2/2020

yesterday morning (thursday 20th), 9.20-9.23am, on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by laura marks 

I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me.”


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