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OB: Apeirogon

yesterday afternoon (sunday 23rd), 4.02-4.15pm (repeated thursday 3.32pm), on bbc radio 4 

open book (presented by mariella frostrup) leads with …

“• Colum McCann tells Mariella about Apeirogon, his suitably multi-sided book about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, inspired by two fathers who have both lost their daughters. A soaring mixture of reportage, mythology, poetry and ornithology, among many other things, McCann makes the case for it as a “novel” with a universal message.“


OB: Kafka’s Last Trial

sunday 13th january, 4.14-4.23pm (repeated 3.43pm, thursday 17th), on bbc radio 4 

open book (presented by mariella frostrup) includes …

“The question of who has the right to claim Franz Kafka’s literary legacy has been the subject of a fierce and lengthy legal battle which in turn is now the subject of a book. Kafka’s Last Trial by Benjamin Balint combines biography with an account of the legal struggles, and he joins Mariella Frostrup to elaborate.”

including interview with …

benjamin balint, author of kafka’s last trial


What makes a Jewish book?

this afternoon (thursday 14th), 3.30-3.41pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 4.02pm on sunday)

open book (presented by mariella frostrup) leads with …

“As Jewish Book Week comes to an end, novelists Charlotte Mendelson and Nathan Englander reflect on what makes a Jewish book, and whether the experience of being a Jewish writer differs between the US and UK.”

including interview wih … 

• british novelist charlotte mendelson

• american novelist nathan englander


David Grossman

this sunday afternoon (20th november), 4.00-4.30pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 3.30pm on thursday 24th)
david grossman (in the open book series) (presented by mariella frostrup)

Mariella Frostrup talks to Israeli novelist David Grossman about his new book, A Horse Walks Into A Bar, which is all set during one evening in a stand-up comedy club in Netanya.”


Jonathan Safran Foer

this morning (monday 12th), 9.00-9.30am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 9.30pm today, and 3.30pm on thursday)
jonathan safran foer (in the open book series) (presented by mariella frostrup) (more…)

Imre Kertesz

last thursday afternoon (7th april), on bbc radio 4
open book includes …

Imre Kertesz 1969 – 2016
George Szirtes joins Mariella to talk about the life and work of Imre Kertesz who died at the beginning of April. From 2006.”


Open Book: Virginia Baily

sunday 26th july (monday 12th to friday 23rd), 4.00-4.30pm, on bbc radio 4
virginia baily – early one morning (presented by mariella frostrup) (in the open book series)

“Virginia Baily’s new novel, Early One Morning, is set in Rome and shifts between the Second World War and the 1970s. It tells the story of Chiara, who rescues a young Jewish boy in 1943 and lives with the consequences of that moment for the rest of her life.
Virginia Baily discusses her love of Rome and the real life incident that inspired her story.”

(read the first chapter at…)
(see also…) (more…)

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