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Sunday: Evangelical voters

this morning (sunday 10th), 7.48-7.54am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by edward stourton) leads with …

Trump, Jerusalem and the Evangelicals:
President Trump‘s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel sparked a mix of protest and praise this week.
• Journalist Allison Kaplan Sommer tells Edward why many believe the move was made to bolster support amongst his Evangelical voters in the US.”



Sunday: Remembering Baghdad

this morning (sunday 3rd), 7.26-7.32am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes …

“The story of what happened to the last Jews of Iraq is the subject of a new documentary‘Remember Baghdad’.”

including interview with …
David Dangoor, great grandson of Ezra Dangoor, a former Chief Rabbi of Baghdad. (more…)

Sunday: Orthodox land sales

yesterday morning (sunday 19th), 7.24-7.29am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes …

“• Madeline Davies from The Church Times tells why the Greek Orthodox Church is selling its land in Israel.”


Sunday: ShabbatUK

this morning (sunday 29th), 7.36-7.44am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) includes …

“The Chief Rabbi has called on Jews around the country to celebrate an authentic Shabbat for ShabbatUK.
Trevor Barnes talks to • the Chief Rabbi, and also meets • Mitchell Feldman and his daughter Ella Feldman, who are trying to manage without breaking the rules.”


Sunday: Balfour declaration

this morning (sunday 1st), 7.28-7.36am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by emily buchanan) includes …

“Trevor Barnes reports on the impact of the Balfour Declaration on religious communities in the Middle East.”

including contributions from …
• professor eugene rogan
• reporter nicholas pelham
richard verber
• rev chris rose, director of the amos trust

Sunday: Willesden Cemetery

this morning (sunday 24th), 7.38-7.45am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by william crawley) includes …

Willesden Cemetery, nicknamed the “Rolls-Royce of Jewish cemeteries”, has just been given a Grade II listing status.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter trevor barnes
hester abrams, cemeteries project development manager, united synagogue
melvyn hartog, head of burial, united synagogue
alex goldberg, chief of heritage, united synagogue, (more…)

Sunday: military exemption

this morning (sunday 17th), 7.31-7.35am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes …

“This week, Israel’s Supreme Court decided that ultra-Orthodox Jews are no longer exempt from military service.”

including interview with …
• reporter matthew kalman (more…)

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