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P4t: Marks 27/11/2018

last tuesday morning (27th november), 9.22-9.25am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by laura marks

”My immigrant grandparents brought the gift of traditions.”


P4t: Gelfand 27/11/2018

last tuesday morning (27th november), 5.47-5.50am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by rabbi shoshana boyd gelfand

Communal tradition: ‘The best moment is the shared ritual’.”


Newshour: Netherlands railway

this evening (wednesday 28th), 9.36-9.42pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by tim franks) includes …

The Netherlands’ state-run rail company has agreed to compensate Holocaust survivors and their relatives for transporting Jews to a Nazi transit camp.”

including interview with …
• professor liesbeth zegfveld, human rights lawyer

P4t: Belovski 27/11/2018

yesterday morning (tuesday 27th), 9.22-9.25am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by rabbi dr harvey belovski

Children need time, not things.”


Witness: Yasser Arafat

last thursday morning (november 22nd), 8.50-8.59am, on bbc world service radio
leila shahid: the last days of yasser arafat (interviewed by louise hidalgo) (in the witness series)

“• Leila Shahid was the Palestinian ambassador to France in 2004, and was with Yasser Arafat during his final days.
French doctors treating him at the military hospital in France where he died said Arafat had an unidentified blood disorder and gave the cause of death as a stroke. Since then there have been allegations that he was poisoned.”


HARDtalk: Naftali Bennett

tomorrow morning (monday 26th), 4.30-5.00am (repeated from 12.30am, and from 12.30am on friday 23rd), on bbc news tv (and repeated 3.06am and 3.06pm tomorrow, on bbc world service radio)
naftali bennett – israeli education minister and leader of jewish home (interviewed by stephen sackur) (in the hardtalk series)

“Israel’s seemingly indestructible Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dodged another political bullet. After the recent flare up of violence in Gaza, his defence minister quit and another key cabinet hawk – Naftali Bennett, said he would go too if he wasn’t given the defence portfolio.
The prime minister called his bluff, and Mr Bennett has decided to stay put after all.
What’s behind the chaos in Israeli politics? Are the right wing factions putting their own interests before those of the nation?


BBC bias: Shechita

BBC bias: Charlotte Smith of Farming Today presents a completely one-sided criticism of shechita (treating it as indisputable as global warming), interviewing spokesmen from both Compassion in World Farming and the British Veterinary Association, with no opposing view even being mentioned.

this morning (saturday 24th), 6.40-6.41am, and 6.43-6.45am, on bbc radio 4
farming today (presented by charlotte smith) includes …

“We believe that all animals should be properly stunned, so we would like to see a ban on religious slaughter without stunning. But let’s also be aware that ordinary so-called humane slaughter often is going badly wrong.”

including contributions from …
peter stevenson, lawyer, compassion in world farming
john fishwick, president, british veterinary association

PM: Gaza surgeons

yesterday afternoon (friday 23rd), 5.26-5.31pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by jonny dymond) includes …

Nearly 6000 residents of Gaza have suffered bullet wounds over the course of this year as Israeli soldiers have attempted to drive them back from from the tightly-packed strip of land in which they live, and southern Israel, the border between the two. Most of those injuries are to young men who have been hit in the leg, shot in the leg, all of them require medical assistance of course, and doctors in Gaza have become pretty adept at treating such injuries, assisted by John Wolfe, a retired consultant vascular surgeon from St Mary’s Hospital in West London.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman
• surgeon john wolfe
• surgeon ahmed abu khader
• patient ola hussein

MN: Michael Kadar

this morning (friday 23rd), 12.21-12.22am, on bbc radio 4
midnight news includes …

“A court in Tel Aviv has sentenced an Israeli-American 19-year-old to 10 years in prison for making thousands of hoax bomb threats to Jewish schools and community centres around the world.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman

P4t: Neuberger 19/11/2018

last monday morning (19th november), 9.22-9.25am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by rabbi julia neuberger

Supporting young people: ‘The reward is acceptance’.“


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