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PT: Mark Regev

this afternoon (saturday 4th), 5.30-6.00pm, on bbc radio 4 

mark regev (in the political thinking series) (presented by nick robinson

“Israel’s former ambassador to the UK on arguing his case, and reasons for optimism.”

including interview with …

• retiring ambassador mark regev 


FOOC: Netanyahu trial 3

this morning (thursday 28th), 11.03-11.09am, on bbc radio 4 

from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) leads with …

Israel’s prime minister in the dock: Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial in Jerusalem.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter tom bateman 


Nh: Annexation likely

this evening (sunday 17th), 9.06-9.15pm, on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by james menendez) leads with …

New Israeli government set to annex parts of Palestinian territories: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his new unity government should annex parts of the occupied West Bank in the name of peace. The Palestinians say such a move would kill off any hope of peace once and for all.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter yolande knell 

husam zomlot, head of the palestinian mission to the uk


HL: Peace Plan 27/2/2020

friday 28th february, 2.30-4.46pm, on bbc parliament tv

house of lords 27/2/2020 includes …

Israel and Palestine: United States’ Proposals for Peace”

speeches by lord or baroness …
Judd (Lab)
Oates (LD)
Bishop of Southwark
Altmann (C)
Anderson (Lab)
Lothian (C)
Palmer (LD)
Davies (C)
Davies (Lab)
Morris (C)
Singh (XB)
Leigh (C)
Mitchell (XB)
Suri (C)
Warner (XB)
Young (C)
Stone (XB)
Northover (LD)
Collins (Lab)
Ahmad (C)

(transcript at’ProposalsForPeace)

(if you missed it, available at

Today: Today’s election

this morning (monday 2nd), 6.05-6.06am and 6.47-6.52am, on bbc radio 4

today (presented by mishal husain) includes …

Polls in Israel have opened in the country’s third election in a year.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter tom bateman

• christian evangelist ray armstrong

• bbc reporter jeremy bowen 

israel medad of shiloh

ofer alter, general manager of lipski plastics 


FOOC: Sa’adat Gharib

yesterday morning (saturday 22nd), 11.33–11.39am, on bbc radio 4 

from our own correspondent (presented by kate adie) leads with …

“President Trump’s plan for peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories would allow Israel to apply its sovereignty to all the Jewish settlements as well as swathes of strategic land in the West Bank. The Palestinian leadership has rejected the plan outright saying it would create a “Swiss cheese state“.

Our Middle East Correspondent Tom Bateman spent time on two sides of a fence that separates an Israeli settlement from a Palestinian family with its own checkpoint.”

(see also video of tom bateman’s interviews, with • saadat gharib and • ilanit gohar, at


Nh: Human Rights Watch

this afternoon (saturday 23rd), 2.44-2.48pm, on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by razia iqbal) includes …

“A controversial fight between Israel and one of its most vociferous human rights critics, the outcome is the expulsion of the director of Human Rights Watch based in Israel, Omar Shakir, who is a US citizen but was accused by the Israelis of advocating BDS, a Palestinian-led campaign calling for the boycotiing divestment and sanctioning of Israel until it meets what it describes as Israel’s obligations under international law. The Israelis say Mr Shakir is in violation of a 2017 law. Human Rights Watch say Mr Shakir’s expulsion places Israel in the same camp as Venezuela Iran and Egypt in barring Human Rights Watch researchers.”

including contributions from …

kenneth roth, head of human rights watch

omar shakir

(see also


PM: US okays settlements

yesterday afternoon (tuesday 19th), 5.23-5.26pm, on bbc radio 4

pm (presented by evan davis) includes …

“Last night, the US made a dramatic shift in its position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US will no longer view them as inconsistent with international law.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter jeremy bowen 


Nh: US okays settlements

yesterday (tuesday 19th), 2.20-2.23pm and 9.36-9.44pm, on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by razia iqbal and tim franks) includes …

The Trump administration has abandoned its four-decades-old position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Its position now is that the settlements do not violate international law.”

including contributions from …

saeb erekat

• bbc reporter barbara plett-usher

• bbc reporter jeremy bowen

• jordanian foreign minister ayman safadi


Nd: US okays settlements

this morning (tuesday 19th), 6.12-6.17am, 7.12-7.16am, and 8.06-8.11am, on bbc world service radio 

newsday (presented by lawrence pollard and clare mcdonnell) leads with …

Palestinians condemn US shift on Israeli settlements: The Palestinian government has condemned a US decision to reverse decades of policy by saying it no longer considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be illegal.”

including interviews with …

saeb erekat

• journalist lahav harkov, jerusalem post

• political analyst nour odeh 

• bbc reporter barbara plett-usher


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