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Jerusalem (1 of 3)

last tuesday evening (12th april), 10.00-11.00pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated 2.45am, monday 18th) (repeated from december 2011)
wellspring of holiness (presented by simon sebag montefiore) (1st of 3 weekly episodes in the jerusalem: the making of a holy city series) (more…)

HARDtalk: Saeb Erekat

yesterday morning (wednesday 19th), 12.30-1.00am on bbc news tv:
stephen sackur interviews veteran palestinian negotiator saeb erekat (in the hardtalk series)

“What must it be like to have been at the centre of the seemingly endless and fruitless quest for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal for more than two decades? And is there any reason for expectations to rise as US Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to publish his own outline for a deal?
Are we approaching a defining moment or a dead end?”

includes (09:25) saeb erekat‘s extraordinary claim that palestinians are descended from the canaanites and the *natufians (and not from the ishmaelites) …

“My narrative is that I’m the son of Jericho, I’m the proud son of Jericho: my home town this year is ten thousand years old.
The *Natufians built this town, I’m their ancestor [descendant], I’m their grandchild. I’m the grandchild of the Canaanites, it’s my narrative, it’s my story, it’s my history, it’s my religion.
I was here thousands of year before Joshua ben Nun came and burnt my home town town Jericho. So why should I say Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people?”

(if you missed it, available at…)
(* wikipedia: “The Natufian culture was an Epipaleolithic culture that existed from 13,000 to 9,800 B.C. in the Levant, a region in the Eastern Mediterranean.”)

a comprehensive review of erekat‘s “palestinian narrative” can be read at, including …

The imaginary link between the Canaanites and the Palestinians as supposed proof of a stronger, more legitimate Palestinian claim to the land has been inculcated in classrooms by way of PA-issued textbooks. Ido Mizrahi, a government official in the Strategic Affairs Ministry who has investigated Palestinian incitement, found that children from second grade until high school in the West Bank and Gaza are taught that the Canaanites were Arabs.
“The Canaanite Arabs were the first to live in Palestine,” reads a second-grade textbook in the Palestinian school system. The goal of the lesson is clearly stated. “It is for the student to create a linkage between the land of Palestine and the Canaanite people that lived there.”
In an educational textbook used by seventh grade students, children are taught that “the Canaanite Palestinians are those who invented the ancient alphabet“.

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