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Nh: US okays settlements

yesterday (tuesday 19th), 2.20-2.23pm and 9.36-9.44pm, on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by razia iqbal and tim franks) includes …

The Trump administration has abandoned its four-decades-old position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. Its position now is that the settlements do not violate international law.”

including contributions from …

saeb erekat

• bbc reporter barbara plett-usher

• bbc reporter jeremy bowen

• jordanian foreign minister ayman safadi


W@1/Nh: Annexation promise

this afternoon, 1.36-1.40pm on bbc radio 4, and 2.36-2.45pm on bbc world service radio 

world at one (presented by sarah montague) and newshour (presented by james coomarasamy) include …

“The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a campaign pledge to in effect annex the Jordan valley in the occupied West Bank“

including interviews with …

yossi mekelberg of chatham house

• jordanian foreign minister ayman safadi

• former us ambassador martin indyk,


Newshour: UNRWA cuts

this afternoon (thursday 30th), 2.07-2.18pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) leads with …

Jordan FM: UNRWA Cuts Could Threaten Middle East Peace. Jordan’s foreign minister Ayman Safadi has warned that cuts to the funding of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, could be ’extremely destabilising’. He was reacting to reports that the United States had decided to cut all funding it gives to UNRWA. The US had already announced a big reduction of contributions earlier this year.”

including contributons from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell
• jordanian foreign minister ayman safadi

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