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WH: Labour & anti-semitism

this evening (sunday 2nd), 10.10-10.24pm, on bbc radio 4
westminster hour (presented by carolyn quinn) leads with …

The row within Labour over anti-semitism, which has been such a dominant theme over the summer, has come to something of a crunch this week, with two crucial meetings, first of the party’s ruliung body, the National Executive Committee on Tuesday, and then of the Parliamentary Labour Party on Wednesday. The issue at stake here is whether those two bodies decide to adopt the IHRA definition of anti-semitism, crucially with all of its examples intact.”

including discussion with …
• journalist tom newton-dunn
• journalist helen lewis
catherine west mp
james cleverly mp


DP: Corbyn ally goes

this afternoon (thursday 29th), 12.02-12.11pm, on bbc 2 tv
daily politics (presented by jo coburn) leads with …

“The other big political story of the day: that’s the news that the head of the Labour Party’s disputes panel, she’s a woman called Christine Shawcroft, has quit, after it emerged she opposed the suspension of a council candidate accused of holocaust denial.”

including contributions from …
john mcdonnell mp
• journalist sam coates of the times, who originally exposed christine shawcroft
mary creagh mp
james cleverly mp, deputy conservative party chairman

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