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BH: Derek Niemann

this morning (sunday 28th), 9.22-9.33am, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house (presented by paddy oconnell) includes …

“British author Derek Niemann was totally unprepared when when he discovered his grandfather was not just a Nazi, but an SS guard in a concentration camp.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter andrew bomford
(see also and


BH: Oslo

this morning (sunday 3rd), 9.23-9,30am, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house (presented by paddy oconnell) includes …

“Award-winning play Oslo tells the story of how a rather unlikely Norwegian couple, Terje Larsen and Mona Juul, shepherded the deal into existence.”

including interview by luke jones with …
• playwright j t rogers (more…)

BH: Brussels aftermath

this morning (sunday 26th), 9.37-9,44am, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house (presented by jane garvey) includes …

Kevin Connolly looks at the impact of the attack in 2014 on the Jewish Museum in Brusssels.”

including interviews with …
philippe blondin, museum director and hidden child
henri gutman, jewish secular (laic) community centre director
philippe markiovitch (more…)

BH & Twtw: Labour anti-semitism

last sunday (16th october), 9.02-9.03am, 9.07-9.13am, 1.01-1.02pm, and 1.04-1.10pm, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house (presented by paddy oconnell) and the world this weekend (presented by shaun ley) lead with …

“MPs have accused Labour of failing to deal properly with allegations of anti-semitism in the party, and have attacked Jeremy Corbyn for not providing adequate leadership in addressing the issue.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom bateman
• acting home affairs committee chair tim lawton
• bbc reporter susana mendoza
* jeremy newmark, national chair of labour jewish movement (more…)

BH: Michael Foster

yesterday morning (sunday 11th), 9.43-9.46am, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house (presented by paddy oconnell) includes anti-israeli campaigner rachel shabi condemning the mail on sunday for claiming that the labour party’s suspension of michael foster was evidence of anti-semitism

(Rachel Shabi) “To suggest that this is a purge of somebody who is Jewish I think is incredibly dangerous and damaging and unfair and the worst way to frame this subject.”
(Jacob Rees-Mogg) “The way to do it is not to expel the Jewish member who brought it to your attention … that would seem to be a moronic thing to do!”


BH: Greta Friedman dies

yesterday morning (sunday 11th), 9.06-9.07am, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house (presented by paddy oconnell) includes …

Greta Friedman, subject of an iconic photograph taken on VJ Day in Times Square, has died. Jason Kay reports.”


BH: anti-semitism experienced

this morning (sunday 1st), 9.06-9.15am, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house (presented by paddy o’connell) leads with …

“Missing from much of the coverage has been a first-hand account of the prejudice against British Jews. We’ve got two accounts this morning.”

including interviews with …
• rabbi arnold saunders of the higher crumpsall and higher broughton synagogue
stephen ryde (more…)

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