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LW: Gena Turgel

this evening (sunday 24th), 8.41-8.46pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from 4.13pm on thursday)
last word (obituary programme, presented by matthew bannister) includes …

Gena Turgel, the holocaust survivor who married one of the British soldiers who liberated her.”

including contributions from …
• reporter paul martin
karen pollock, chief executive of the holocaust educational trust


Witness: Bergen-Belsen 2

last wednesday morning (18th april). on bbc world service radio
surviving bergen-belsen (in the witness series)

“Holocaust survivor Hetty Verolme, 88, returns to the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen where, as a 15 year old girl, she spoke to the BBC’s Patrick Gordon Walker in April 1945, just days after gaining her freedom.”


Witness: Bergen-Belsen 1

last wednesday morning (18th april). 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio
the liberation of bergen-belsen (in the witness series) (repeated on sunday in the the history hour)
including 2009 interview of • sir brian urquhart by • lucy williamson

Photography: Bergen-Belsen

last wednesday evening (20th september), 11.00pm-12.00, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from monday 13th march)
britain in focus: a photographic history (2nd of 3 episodes) (presented by eamonn mccabe) concludes with …

“… shocking images of Bergen-Belsen


Rita Goldberg

last friday (27th january), on bbc radio 5 live
the daily interview (presented by emma barnett) (18 minutes)

“Harvard lecturer Rita Goldberg tells how her mother, Hilde Jacobsthal, survived the Holocaust, about her godfather Otto Frank, and about overcoming “second generational” trauma.”


HMD: Susan Pollack

this morning (sunday 22nd), 11.37-11.57am, on bbc radio scotland
sunday morning with … (presented by cathy macdonald) concludes with …

“This Friday marks Holocaust Memorial Day.
Cathy speaks to • Susan Pollack who retells her powerful personal story of survival in the concentration camps of the Second World War.”

(see also and (more…)

Zuzana Ruzickova

yesterday morning (monday 19th), 8.24-8.29am, on bbc radio 4 (repeated at 9.20pm, friday 23ed december, in newshour, on bbc world service radio)
today (presented by nick robinson ) includes …

Zuzana Ruzickova survived three concentration camps during the Second World War, including Auschwitz, and went on to become one of the world’s leading harpsichordists.
BBC’s arts correspondent Rebecca Jones has been to Ms Rusickova’s home in Prague to meet her.”


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