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HMD: Radio London

last tuesday morning (28th january), 1.04-1.08am, 1.21-1.30am, 1.36-1.45am, 2.25-2.30am, 2.33-2.35am, 2.43-2.55am, 3.04-3.10am, 3.11-3.12am, 3.04-3.20am, 3.34-3.39am, 3.49-3.53am, and 3.55-3.56am, on bbc radio london 

jim davis (phone-in programme, presented by jason rosam) includes …

“Sharing your stories of family connections to the Holocaust.“

including calls from … • simon from edgware, • peter, • philip from amsterdam, • george from highgate, • pauline from sutton, • terry from croydon, • stuart from stanmore, • p g from the netherlands, • kit from hackney, and • rani from the west end


Belsen: Our story

yesterday evening (tuesday 28th), 9.00-10.00pm (repeated 11.15pm wednesday), on bbc 2 tv  

belsen: our story (narrated by kate fleetwood)

“Unlike the infamous extermination or death camps such as Auschwitz or Treblinka, Belsen wasn’t designed specifically as a place for industrialised killing. It had no gas chambers. Instead, the prisoners were slaughtered by systematic neglect – many starved to death, others succumbed to typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever or dysentery, diseases that ravaged the camp, fostered by the lack of clean drinking water and minimal sanitation.”

including survivors (with age on arrival) … • maurice blik (4), • peter lantos (5), • mala tribich (14), • anita lasker-wallfisch (18), • zdenka fantlova (22), • gena turgel (22), 

and liberators … • george leonard, oxfordshire yeomanry, and • captain eric brown rn

(if you miss it, available at


yesterday evening (monday 27th), 7.00-8.00pm, on bbc 2 tv  

holocaust memorial day (presented by huw edwards) includes …

holocaust survivors … • arek hersh, • mala tribich

bosnia survivors … • dzemal paratusic, • kelima dautovic,

readings by … • nina wadia, • rebecca front, • prince william, • martin shaw, • simon russell-beale, • ian forsyth, • boris johnson, • georgina campbell, • journalist ed vulliamy, • daniela abraham, • chief rabbi ephraim mirvis

(if you missed it, available at

HMD: Radio Oxford

yesterday afternoon (monday 27th), 3.13-3.22pm, on bbc radio oxford 

lilley mitchell includes …

Michael Rosen tells us about his family’s Jewish roots, on Holocaust Memorial Day”

including contributions from …

george leonard, oxfordshire yeomanry

• author michael rosen


P4t: Silkoff 27/1/2020

this morning (monday 27th), on bbc radio 2

pause for thought by judy silkoff

Holocaust Memorial Day: ‘Rise up, rebuild, look forward’.” 


HMD: Radio Solent

this morning (monday 27th), 9.12-9.18am, and 10.11-10.17am, on bbc radio solent 

alun newman and lou hannan includes …

Holocaust Memorial Day

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter helen head

• survivor susan pollock 

• survivor henry schachter, b. 1939, berlin

• bbc reporter jo palmer

• rev rachel noel

• head teacher kirsty richards


HMD: Radio Wales

yesterday morning (sunday 26th), 8.31-8.42am, on bbc radio wales 

sunday supplement (presented by vaughan roderick) includes …

“Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day we hear the remarkable story of Mady Gerrard, a survivor of the infamous Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen camps, who made Wales her home.”

including interview with …

• survivor mady gerrard, b. 1930

(see also radio wales’ all things considered last sunday and this sunday,


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