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Henry Orenstein

this afternoon (tuesday 24th), 6.33-6.42pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated from 12.33pm)
outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Henry Orenstein, 94, is an entrepreneur in the US who not only brought the highly successful Transformers toys to the market, but also revolutionised television poker to make it the billion dollar industry it is today.
His early life in Poland was very difficult.”



Outlook: Jerusalem tattoos

this afternoon (monday 17th), 6.34-6.44pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated from 12.34pm)
outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

The Coptic Christian Razzouk family have been tattooing pilgrims in Jerusalem for 500 years; they claim to have introduced the first electric tattoo gun to Israel.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell
• tattooist wassim razzouk (more…)

Outlook: Gunter Demnig

this afternoon (wednesday 10th), 12.22-12.29pm (repeated 6.22-6.29pm), on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by matthew bannister) includes …

Louise Gorman meets Gunter Demnig, a German artist who has been laying brass-covered cobblestones across 21 countries in Europe. Each stone is inscribed with a person’s name, date of birth and place of death.
Gunter has laid most of the 60-thousand stones, each one commemorating a Jewish victim of Nazi persecution between 1933 and 1945.”


Art Spiegelman

this evening (wednesday 1st), 5.07-5.24pm, on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by matthew bannister) leads with …

Art Spiegelman on why he made the epic comic book Maus.”


Outlook: sunken treasure

this evening (monday11th), 8.23-8.29pm, on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by nick ericsson) includes …

Ran Feinstein and Ofer Ra’anan are from the Israeli city of Ra’anana, and get together on free days and weekends to explore the coastline around the country.
Three months ago a dive off the ancient port of Caesarea brought some unexpected treasure… “


Outlook: Gilad Millo

this morning (sunday 26th), 8.41-8.58am, on bbc world service radio
outlook weekend (presented by matthew bannister) concludes with …

Gilad Millo has become a pop sensation in Kenya, singing in both English and Swahili. But a lot of his fans have been surprised to discover that he is actually an Israeli ex-diplomat in his mid-40s.
When our reporter Andrea Kidd went to meet him in Nairobi, Gilad told her how he discovered that his first song Unajua had gone to number one.”


Outlook: Next to Her

this evening (wednesday 25th), 8.33-8.42pm, on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by matthew bannister) includes …

Liron Ben-Shlush is an Israeli actor who’s made a film inspired by her own experiences of growing up with a sister who had severe learning disabilities. Liron spoke to the BBC’s Judi Herman about writing and acting in the film Next to Her.”


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