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Lien de Jong

this afternoon (wednesday 1st), 12.06-12.43pm (repeated 6.06pm and 3.06am), on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) leads with interviews with …

lien de jong 

bart van es 

Lien de Jong was a young girl living in The Hague in the Netherlands when the Second World War broke out. The country was occupied, and her parents took a desperate decision to protect their child, sending her to live with the Van Es family, passionate anti-Nazis who raised Lien as their own.


Rescue at Entebbe

this afternoon (tuesday 2nd), 12.06-12.29pm (repeated 6.06pm and 4.06am), on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by emily webb) leads with …

“In June 1976, an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked by militants. The plane and its 248 passengers were flown to Entebbe airport in Uganda, where all the Israeli and Jewish passengers on board were held hostage in an old terminal building. The hostage takers were members, or allies, of a Palestinian armed group, and the hijacking was tied to the on going Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Back in Israel, Rami Sherman, who was an officer in an elite military unit, started making plans to get the hostages back. The situation was challenging, and they knew they needed the element of surprise to pull off a rescue. The idea they came up with involved a low altitude flight across East Africa, and a fake presidential motorcade.”

including interview with …

rami sherman, operations officer of the sayeret matkal commando unit


Outlook: Deborah Feldman

8th september 2010, on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) concludes with …

Deborah Feldman grew up in a strict Hasidic community in New York. As her custom dictated she had to cover her shaved head with a wig and dress modestly. But despite this display of devotion she led a secret life devouring forbidden books, which inspired her with ideas of becoming independent. After an arranged marriage to a Hasidic man at seventeen, and having a son, she decided to leave the community in pursuit of a new life where wearing lipstick and jeans was allowed.”

including interview with …

• author deborah feldman 


Outlook: Dita Kraus

this evening (thursday 23rd), 6.06-6.50pm (repeated from 1.06pm), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by emily webb) almost entirely deals with …

“Holocaust survivor Dita Kraus is now 90 years old, but she was only 14 when she was taken to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland. She worked in the children’s hut, and has written a book about her experience called A Delayed Life: The true story of the Librarian of Auschwitz.


Praying to be a girl

this afternoon (monday 6th), 12.06-12.29pm (repeated 6.06pm), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Abby Stein grew up in New York, in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, one of the most gender segregated societies in the world. Abby’s parents considered her their firstborn son but she was adamant that she was a girl. She has written a book about her experiences called Becoming Eve.” 


Outlook: Chuetas

yesterday afternoon (wednesday 2nd), 12.33-12.47pm (repeated 6.33pm), on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by emily webb) includes …

“When American Dani Rotstein touched down on the Spanish island of Mallorca, looking to start a new life, he thought he would struggle to meet other Jewish people. But to his suprise, there was a whole network for him to tap into: a community of Chuetas – Jewish people who’d had to forcibly convert to Catholicism hundreds of years ago.

Emily Webb hears about Dani’s friendship with Miquel Segura, a descendant of one of them, who has brought Jewish customs back to the island.”


Outlook: Saul Dreier

this afternoon (monday 29th), 12.06-12.19pm (repeated 6.06pm and 4.06am), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Saul Dreier is a Holocaust survivor and musician. He’s always tried to find the joy in life – even in Nazi concentration camps where he taught himself to play the spoons. After World War Two, he moved to the US and stopped playing music. That is until he was 89 years old, when he felt the urge to buy a drum kit and start a klezmer band.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter rafael rojas 


Outlook: Lipa Schmeltzer

this afternoon (monday 22nd), 12.32-12.47pm (repeated 6.32pm), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Lipa Schmeltzer has been called the Jewish Lady Gaga. That’s because Lipa’s style of traditional singing is filled with pop flair. He grew up in a Hasidic Jewish family in upstate New York, without much influence from the outside world. His father was a Holocaust survivor and wanted Lipa to become a rabbi.

But the pull of music proved too strong for Lipa. First he was involved with the traditional singing of his community, and then found pop when he heard it for the first time on the radio aged 20.

Colm Flynn went to meet him.”


Outlook: Looking for Grandad

22nd november 2018, 12.06pm (partly repeated 12.23pm today), on bbc world service radio

looking for grandad – from new york to samoa (presented by rhianna dhillon) (in the outlook series)

“When Lennard Davis received an email from a stranger who said Lennard was his closest living relative, he thought it must be a scam. Lennard is a Jewish professor from New York, and the stranger claimed to be from a line of Polynesian chieftains. It took four years and the unravelling of two family secrets to solve the puzzle.”


Posthumous fathering

this afternoon (wednesday 27th), 12.06-12.29pm (repeated 6.06pm), on bbc world service radio

becoming a parent years after dying (presented by emily webb) (in the outlook series)

“Before Baruch Pozniansky died aged 25 in Israel, he said that he wanted to have a child, and gave a sperm sample. So his mother began a seven-year campaign to find a woman to have his baby.”

including interview with …

liat malka

• mother julia pozniansky

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