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P4t: Marks 30/5/2017

last tuesday morning (30th may), 5.47-5.51am, on bbc radio 2
pause for thought by laura marks

Forgiveness: ‘It is my place, and the place of every person, not to forget and to ensure that we learn from the past‘.”



BBC: Harold Abrahams

yesterday evening (thursday 14th), 9.00-10.00pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated 10.30 pm, saturday 23rd)
bbc: the secret files: epsiode 2 includes …

“By 1935 Harold Abrahams was the BBC’s most respected athletics commentator. This presented the Corporation with a dilemma: should they send him to cover the Berlin Olympics the following year? The problem? Abrahams was Jewish. He was quite willing to go, but felt it would be safer for him to travel as an official BBC representative rather than as a private individual.”


Downfall (2004)

tomorrow evening (thursday 30th), 10.00pm-12.25, on bbc 4 tv (freeview channel 9) (repeated from april and july 2014)
downfall (2004, directed by oliver hirschbiegel) (more…)

Marie Jalowicz Simon

this morning (wednesday 4th), 10.30-10.45am, on bbc radio 4
woman’s hour (presented by jane garvey) concludes with …

Marie Jalowicz Simon survived in wartime Berlin by taking off the yellow star that marked her out as Jewish, and going underground.
Like 1,700 other Berlin Jews she lived under assumed identities, evaded the authorities and took shelter wherever she could find it.
And after the war she remained in Berlin where she became a professor of philosophy, married and had a family.”

including interview with …
• son hermann simon, who wrote his mother’s story
lisa appignanesi (more…)

Newshour: Gone to Ground

this afternoon (monday 23rd), 1.50-1.58pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
newshour (presented by razia iqbal) concludes with …

“It was almost impossible to be Jewish and survive in Berlin in 1943, but now “Gone to Ground“, a book published for the first time in English, presents first-hand testimony of one woman’s attempt to do just that.
Marie Jalowicz Simon survived by going to ground.”

including interview with …
• son hermann simon (more…)

Regina: the first woman rabbi

tomorrow evening (monday 2nd), 9.00-10.00pm, on bbc 4 tv (freeview channel 9)
regina: the first woman rabbi (with the voice of rachel weisz as regina) (more…)

Sunday: Berlin, Rabbi Nachman Sudak, Mor Karbasi

this morning (sunday 22nd), 7.15-7.35am, on bbc radio 4
sunday includes …

“In Berlin, a project to have a mosque, a synagogue and a church under the same roof is under way. It was organised by a Protestant pastor who says it’s unique – in no other place do the three faiths share premises. Steve Evans reports.”
“We assess the life and legacy of Rabbi Nachman Sudak who died last week . A leader in the Lubavitch community, Rabbi Shmuel Lew, tells edward stourton why he was so influential.”
“Today the Fes festival in Morocco has become not only very popular but a beacon of religious tolerance and religious pluralism in the middle of the Muslim world. John Laurenson talks to Israeli-born singer Mor Karbasi, who sings a Ladino song about a Jewish martyr.”


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