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Lien de Jong

this afternoon (wednesday 1st), 12.06-12.43pm (repeated 6.06pm and 3.06am), on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) leads with interviews with …

lien de jong 

bart van es 

Lien de Jong was a young girl living in The Hague in the Netherlands when the Second World War broke out. The country was occupied, and her parents took a desperate decision to protect their child, sending her to live with the Van Es family, passionate anti-Nazis who raised Lien as their own.


Outlook: Deborah Feldman

8th september 2010, on bbc world service radio 

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) concludes with …

Deborah Feldman grew up in a strict Hasidic community in New York. As her custom dictated she had to cover her shaved head with a wig and dress modestly. But despite this display of devotion she led a secret life devouring forbidden books, which inspired her with ideas of becoming independent. After an arranged marriage to a Hasidic man at seventeen, and having a son, she decided to leave the community in pursuit of a new life where wearing lipstick and jeans was allowed.”

including interview with …

• author deborah feldman 


Praying to be a girl

this afternoon (monday 6th), 12.06-12.29pm (repeated 6.06pm), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Abby Stein grew up in New York, in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, one of the most gender segregated societies in the world. Abby’s parents considered her their firstborn son but she was adamant that she was a girl. She has written a book about her experiences called Becoming Eve.” 


Outlook: Saul Dreier

this afternoon (monday 29th), 12.06-12.19pm (repeated 6.06pm and 4.06am), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Saul Dreier is a Holocaust survivor and musician. He’s always tried to find the joy in life – even in Nazi concentration camps where he taught himself to play the spoons. After World War Two, he moved to the US and stopped playing music. That is until he was 89 years old, when he felt the urge to buy a drum kit and start a klezmer band.”

including report from …

• bbc reporter rafael rojas 


Outlook: Lipa Schmeltzer

this afternoon (monday 22nd), 12.32-12.47pm (repeated 6.32pm), on bbc world service radio

outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Lipa Schmeltzer has been called the Jewish Lady Gaga. That’s because Lipa’s style of traditional singing is filled with pop flair. He grew up in a Hasidic Jewish family in upstate New York, without much influence from the outside world. His father was a Holocaust survivor and wanted Lipa to become a rabbi.

But the pull of music proved too strong for Lipa. First he was involved with the traditional singing of his community, and then found pop when he heard it for the first time on the radio aged 20.

Colm Flynn went to meet him.”


Outlook: Triplets separated

this afternoon (monday 4th), 12.06-12.29pm (repeated 6.06pm and 4.06am), on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by jo fidgen) leads with …

The Triplets Separated by a Secret Study: When they met at the age of 19, they knew something very strange was going on – they were identical. It took years to uncover the secret psychological experiment, which they were all unknowingly a part of.”

including interview with …
• triplet robert shafran
• friend michael domnitz
• triplet david kellman
• journalist lawrence wright

Outlook: Gaza’s stray animals

this afternoon (monday 17th), 12.22-12.29pm (repeated 6.22pm and 4.22am), on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world, and it’s seen a lot of conflict and a lot of human suffering. But there’s one teenager, Maram Makkawi, who’s been doing her best to help thousands of its stray animals. She’s been speaking to Outlook’s Saskia Edwards about why she does it.”


Outlook: Nelly Ben-Or

this afternoon (tuesday 14th), 12.33-12.50pm (repeated 6.33pm), on bbc world service radio
nelly ben-or (interviewed by saskia edwards) (in the outlook series, presented by jo fidgen)

”During the Holocaust, Nelly Ben-Or was a Jewish child on the run from the Nazis. But she would seek out pianos wherever she could find them, and found a psychological escape in the instrument.”


Outlook: unorthodox matchmaker

this afternoon (tuesday 19th), 12.42-12.50pm (repeated 6.42pm), on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

Yocheved Lerner Miller is a matchmaker for Orthodox Jewish people in New York, who ’s developed a reputation for her unorthodox approach to the job. While many in her line of business turn away those who don’t quite fit in, Yocheved specialises in pairing up those who may otherwise have little hope of ever making a match.”


Outlook: Palestinian dogs

this afternoon (tuesday 17th), 12.43-12.50pm (repeated 6.43pm), on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by jo fidgen) includes …

One Palestinian woman, Diana Babish, has made it her mission to look after stray dogs on the West Bank. Every week she goes to Israel to find homes for the dogs. Our reporter Yolande Knell went to meet her.”

(if you missed it, available from 0:37:30 to 0:44:15 at

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