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Newshour: BBC promotes UNRWA-USA

BBC bias: The BBC presents a completely one-sided report on political organisation UNRWA-USA:
i] the report presents a small response to a political organisation as a USA-wide grass-roots funding and opposition to USA policy
ii] the report supports the view that humanitarian aid to refugees should not depend on politics, even though most of UNRWA’s aid to Palestinians is solely dependent on politics, since in no other situation is UN aid given to children or grandchidren of refugees
iii] the whole report is presented as relevant solely on the hook of a UN Security Council debate on Gaza that has nothing to do with UNRWA or refugees

this afternoon (wednesday 13th), 2.44-2.49pm (repeated 9.49pm), on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james menendez) includes …

”Years of conflict have left Gaza in ruins. Infrastructure’s crumbling, the economy’s paralysed, and basic supplies such as electricity are in crisis. Despite this, the United States has cut off vital funding to the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA. But, as Nada Tawfik reports, across the US, American citizens are now filling the void.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter nada tawfik
peter mulrean, director of the unrwa representative office in new york
abby smardon, executive director of political charity unrwa-usa


Today: Israeli airstrikes

this morning (thursday 10th), 6.01-6.02am, 6.10-6.13am, 6.47-6.51am, 7.09-7.14am, and 8.36-8.40am, on bbc radio 4
today (presented by nick robinson and john humphrys) includes …

Israel has carried out a wave of airstrikes on Syria, aimed at what it says were Iranian targets, because it said Iranian forces inside Syria had been attacking its positions in the Golan Heights.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell
• historian simon sebag-montefiore
• maj gen yaakov amidror, former head of israeli national security council
• bbc reporter tom bateman
• iranian professor mohammad marandi

Newshour: Gaza update

yesterday afternoon (wednesday 9th), 1.20-1.27pm (repeated 9.20pm), on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by james coomarasamy) includes …

The future of Palestinian refugees: what is driving these deadly demonstrations?”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter yolande knell
moshe shrefler, of jerusalem restaurant azura
danny ayalon
mohammad momani, jordanian information minister

Newshour: UNRWA funding

this evening (monday 19th), 9.36-9.43pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by tim franks) includes …

“How will UNRWA (UN’s Palestinian refugee agency) make up for loss in funding from the US?”

including interview with …
pierre krahenbuhl, commissioner-general of unrwa

Newshour: UNRWA funding

this afternoon (wednesday 17th), 2.20-2.29pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by razia iqbal) includes …

The United Nations has expressed serious concern at the US decision to withhold more than half of a tranche of funding for UNRWA, the agency which supports Palestinian refugees.”

including interviews with …
tawfiq al-hourani, deputy chief, unrwa field education programme
dan shapiro, former us ambassador to israel

Newshour: Gaza schools

this afternoon (saturday 21st), 1.55-1.57pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

“We’re very much aware of what happened in Gaza way back in 2014, but presumably the problem is not as acute any longer?”

including interview with …
pierre krahenbuhl, commissioner-general of unrwa (more…)

Newshour: Gaza 3/8/2014

yesterday (sunday 3rd), 1.06-1.19pm, 9.06-9.25pm, and 9.32-9.41pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710)
newshour (presented by rebecca kesby) leads with …

Another school hit in Gaza: Gaza school attack.”

and …

UN: Gaza school strike ‘criminal’: US, UN condemns Israeli school attack in Gaza.”

and includes interviews with …
robert turner, director of unrwa
• lt col peter lerner
chris gunness of unrwa, in jerusalem
• intern dr bassel abuwarda (26) of al shifa hospital, tweeter
james rawley, unrwa humanitarian coordinator
ahron bregman, author of cursed victory: a history of israel and the occupied territories
mustafa barghouti from cairo
• bbc reporter andrew hosken interviewing jewish israelis in haifa and palestinians in east jerusalem

• arab-israeli author and columnist (in hebrew) sayed kashua (more…)

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