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BC: Tony Acevedo

yesterday evening (saturday 16th), 10.33-10.41pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 11.33am today)
boston calling (presented by marco werman) leads with …

Tony Acevedo, a child of unauthorised Mexican immigrants, who became a US soldier in WWII, was taken prisoner, and was selected for the Berga concentration camp because he looked Jewish

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter chris woolf
• son fernando acevedo
kyra schuster, curator, holocaust memorial museum, washington


BC: Palestinian food

this evening (saturday 6th), 11.43-11.46pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 11.43am tomorrow)
boston calling: roots (presented by marco werman) includes …

Reem Kassis hopes her cookbook ‘The Palestinian Table’ will help her kids connect to their heritage

BC: Kalman Aron

yesterday evening (saturday 6th), 11.49-11.54pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 11.49am today)
boston calling (presented by marco werman) includes …

Saul Gonzalez meets Kalman Aron, 93, who survived the Holocaust by drawing portraits of his Nazi guards

including interviews with …
kalman aron
• biographer susan beilby magee
• fourth wife miriam aron

Anne Frank investigation

this evening (saturday 7th), 10.33-10.38pm, on bbc world service radio (repeated 11.33am tomorrow)
boston calling (presented by marco werman) leads with …

Vince Pankoke, a former FBI agent, has launched a probe into who betrayed Anne Frank.”


BC: St Louis anti-semitism

this morning (saturday 1st), 11.33-11.38am, on bbc world service radio
boston calling (presented by carol hills) leads with …

“Five months after Jewish graves were vandalised in St. Louis, questions remain.”

including contributions from …
• reporter daniel gross
• rabbi jim bennet (more…)

BC: Lodz ghetto

this morning (sunday 4th), 11.45-11.50am, on bbc world service radio (repeated from 10.45pm yesterday)
boston calling: look closer (presented by marco werman) includes …

“We visit a Boston exhibition of the photos of Henryk Ross, official photographer of the Lodz ghetto, including photos of the deportations

including contributions from …
• reporter nina porzucki
kristen gresh, curator of photography at the museum of fine arts in boston
(see photos at (more…)

BC: sharing passover; conversion

tomorrow morning (sunday 16th), 11.37-11.46am, on bbc world service radio (repeated from this evening, 10.37pm)
boston calling (presented by marco werman) includes …

Sharing the Seder during Passover with a family of Syrian Yazidi refugees; and Ivanka Trump converted to Judaism, but in Israel, converting is not that simple.”

including contributions from …
• reporter judith kogan
• auschwitz survivor hannah berkowitz, 85
• daughter rachel miller
• reporter daniel estrin
• rabbi seth farber, of ITIM (more…)

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