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Warning from History 2/6

yesterday evening (thursday 9th), 11.00-11.50pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from september 1997, september 1998, and july 2000, all on bbc 2)
chaos and consent (2nd of 6 weekly episodes in the nazis: a warning from history series) (narrated by samuel west) (written and produced by laurence rees)

“A look at the extraordinary popularity of both Hitler and the Nazis, as well as the astonishing degree of voluntary support ordinary Germans gave the infamous Gestapo.”

including contributions from …
gunter lohse, nazi diplomat
manfred von schroder, nazi member
josef felder. social democtrat mp
rudi bamber, nuremberg jew
• johann adolf graf kielmansegg, army officer 1926-1945
karl boehm-tettelbach, luftwaffe officer 1930-1945
• professor ian kershaw
johannes zahn, economist and banker
erna kranz, munich resident
• professor robert gellately
resi kraus, informant
gerda bernhardt, whose disabled borhter manfred was killed
• historian uwe bitzel
(if you missed it, available at


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