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Sunday: Leo’s story

this morning (sunday 21st), 7.14-7.29am, on bbc radio 4 

sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes …

The Journey – Leo’s story is a new role-play app created by the National Holocaust Centre and Museum on the theme of the Kindertransport. It follows Leo, a young boy forced to flee Nazi Germany.

Two children involved in trialling the app, and chief executive • Marc Cave, talk about how it reveals the true horror faced by German Jews during WWII.”


RAF: Albert Waxman

online only, at

albert waxman (in the jewish hidden heroes series) (5 videos, narrated by son alan waxman)

Albert Waxman arrived in England as a teenager on the Kindertransport, having fled Germany following Kristallnacht. He was sent to a hostel in Bradford, learned English and began work in an engineering firm, but was determined to join the RAF. His background, his nationality and his situation were all against him, but through perseverance and chutzpah, he eventually joined up and proved to be a talented and determined student, qualifying as a pilot. In later life his determination, resourcefulness and motivation led to a successful business career and became a prominent philanthropist.”

Clash of Futures 7,8

last two sunday evenings (12th and 19th april), 11.00-11.55pm (repeated from 10.00pm fridays), on bbc alba tv

clash of futures: 1918-1935, episodes 7 and 8 (in gaelic and german, with english subtitles

“7. In 1935, the Nazi government adopts the Nuremberg Laws which discriminate against Jewish citizens. In Spain, right-wing generals under Francisco Franco take power from the leftist government in a coup d’état. Hitler and Mussolini support Franco, while young volunteers flock from across Europe. In the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin allows opponents to be brutally tortured and murdered.

8. November 1939, Nazis destroy Jewish businesses, set synagogues alight and kill hundreds of people during the ‘Night of Broken Glass’. In March 1939, German troops occupy Czechoslovakia. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announces the end of the policy of appeasement. The German invasion of Poland commences on September 1, 1939. World War II begins.”


Auschwitz Untold

this evening (wednesday 29th), 10.30pm-12.00am, on channel 4 tv (repeated from two 45-minute episodes last sunday and monday on channel more4 tv)

auschwitz untold: in colour 

“A powerful, revelatory account of one of the most hideous crimes in human history, told from the perspectives of 16 Holocaust survivors, and using restored and colourised archive footage.”

including survivors … • mindu hornick, • arek hersh, • moshe avital, • judith altmann, • fania brantsovsky, • irving roth, • agnes kaposi, • samuel bak, • bill harvey, • iby krill, • edith eger, • martin stern, • estare weiser, • dorit oliver-wolff, and • judah samet

(if you miss it, available at


yesterday evening (monday 27th), 7.00-8.00pm, on bbc 2 tv  

holocaust memorial day (presented by huw edwards) includes …

holocaust survivors … • arek hersh, • mala tribich

bosnia survivors … • dzemal paratusic, • kelima dautovic,

readings by … • nina wadia, • rebecca front, • prince william, • martin shaw, • simon russell-beale, • ian forsyth, • boris johnson, • georgina campbell, • journalist ed vulliamy, • daniela abraham, • chief rabbi ephraim mirvis

(if you missed it, available at

ATC: Ellen Davis

this morning (sunday 19th) and next sunday morning, 9.00-9.30am (repeated 5.30am tuesday, and repeated from 2005), on bbc radio wales

holocaust survivor (2 episodes, in the all things considered series) (interviewed by peter baker

“1. Ellen Davis arrived in Swansea as a bewildered 10 year old, having been put on a train in Germany without explanation, forced to leave behind her parents and the brothers and sisters she had cared for all her life. We hear about that traumatic escape, and about the impact of Nazi rule on her young life.

2. Ellen Davis shares her first impression of the childless Jewish couple she was placed with in Swansea, where she still lives.

She recounted her experiences in the book Kerry’s Children and at 91 she continues to speak out.”


BOTW: Tippett and Kristallnacht

this morning (wednesday 17th), 9.45-10.00am, on bbc radio 4 

michael tippett (read by oliver soden) (3rd of 5 episodes) (in the book of the week series)

“3. War in Europe approaches and the world turns dark. Tippett composes A Child of Our Time at the height of the Blitz and faces the consequences of his pacifism.”

The work was inspired by events that affected Tippett profoundly: the assassination in 1938 of a German diplomat by a young Jewish refugee, and the Nazi government’s reaction in the form of a violent pogrom against its Jewish population—called Kristallnacht.


HMD: Newsround Special

last monday afternoon (21st january), 4.30-5.00pm, on cbbc tv
holocaust: finding my family (narrated by anthony horowitz) (children’s documentary, in the newsround specials series)

“This is the week of Holocaust Memorial Day, when we remember the millions of people who were murdered in the Holocaust. The programme you’re about to watch is very sad, some of the scenes may be quite upsetting, but I think it’s important to remember what happened. and to remember all the people who died.”

including contributions from …
steven frank, theresienstadt survivor, born 1935, son of amsterdam lawyer and resistance member leonard frank
• granddaughter maggie frank, 14
• amsterdam historian philip
• auschwitz historian agnieszka

PM: Adrian Goldberg: kindertransport

yesterday evening (wednesday 26th), 5.34-5.46pm, on bbc radio 4
pm (presented by carolyn quinn) includes …

Adrian Goldberg is a Radio 5 Live presenter who’s deciding whether to get a German passport in order to remain an EU citizen. Adrian’s father Rudy escaped Nazi Germany as a 13-year-old when his parents, worried about the increasing persecution of Germany’s Jews, found him a place on the kindertransport. Rudy became one of the 10,000 youngsters relocated to families in the UK on the eve of the Second World War …
Today, Adrian tries to understand more about his father’s journey to this country. and what he would make of Adrian’s dilemma.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter adrian goldberg
• historian anthony grenville, chair of the research centre for german and austrian exile studies, university of london, and former consultant editor of the association of jewish refugees journal
ralph stanton (rolf steinberg), kindertransport child, aged 14
ruth jacobs (ruth heber), kindertransport child, innsbruck, aged 10
(see also

HL: Kindertransport 80

tuesday 27th november, 3.11-4.36am, on bbc parliament tv
house of lords 26/11/2018 includes …

Kindertransport Commemoration: ”what plans they have to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the decision to allow Kindertransport children to come to the United Kingdom?”

speeches by baron or baroness …
Dubs (Lab)
Polak (C)
Judd (Lab)
Roberts (LD)
Bishop of Durham
Shinkwin (C)
Henig (Lab)
Alton (XB)
Popat (C)
Dykes (XB)
Beecham (Lab)
Bourne (C)

(transcript at
(if you missed it, available from 2:26:23 to 3:51:00 at

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