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Nh: Soleimani killed

last friday afternoon (3rd january), 2.51-2.52pm, on bbc world service radio

newshour (presented by julian marshall) includes …

“Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cut short a visit to Greece, and praised President Trump for the killing.”

including contribution from …

benjamin netanyahu 


Nh: Israeli airstrikes

this afternoon (monday 26th), 2.09-2.18pm, on bbc world service radio 

newshour (presented by paul henley) includes …

Israel is being blamed for recent attacks against Iranian allied forces in three countries, and the result is threats of retaliation, and a growing fear of bigger regional conflict. Over the weekend, militias in Lebanon Syria and Iraq were targeted, Israel has said it was behind only one of the attacks, when its warplanes struck what military officials say was an Iranian base in Syria preparing a strike on Israel.”

including interviews with …

• journalist liz sly, beirut bureau chief, washington post 

• idf spokesman lt col jonathan conricus


Twt: Israeli airstrike

yesterday evening (friday 23rd), 10.36-10.41pm, on bbc radio 4 

the world tonight (presented by ritula shah) includes …

“Reports from US officials in American news outlets say that Israel carried out an airstrike on a weapons depot in Iraq, which officials say is being used by Iran to move weapons to Syria. It appears to be a signifcant escalation in Israel’s campaign against what it sees as Iranian military assets in Iraq, and could destabilise the country.” 

including interview with …

• journalist allison kaplan-sommer of haaretz


Sunday: Remembering Baghdad

this morning (sunday 3rd), 7.26-7.32am, on bbc radio 4
sunday (presented by edward stourton) includes …

“The story of what happened to the last Jews of Iraq is the subject of a new documentary‘Remember Baghdad’.”

including interview with …
David Dangoor, great grandson of Ezra Dangoor, a former Chief Rabbi of Baghdad. (more…)

Remember Baghdad

BBC bias: BBC News’s Julian Worricker presents the view that Iraqi Jews were not ethnically cleansed by persecution since they left partly because Ben-Gurion encouraged them to leave while they could still get out.
Don’t mention the ethnic cleansing!

last sunday morning (19th november), 6.44-6.59am, on bbc world service radio
weekend (presented by julian worricker)

What happened to the Jews of Baghdad?

including interview with …
edwin shuker, born baghdad 1955, left 1971, narrator of new film remember baghdad
(see also (more…)

Yair Dalal

this afternoon (thursday 7th), 4.36-4.54pm, on bbc radio 3
in tune (presented by ian skelly) leads with …
• israeli oud player yair dalal.

95% of the musicians in Iraq in the first half of the twentieth century were Jews.”
“So the folk music we know as Iraqi folk music is actually Jewish?
“Yes, most of it was written by Jews.”


Religious history of Iraq

this afternoon (monday 8th), 4.30-5.00pm, on bbc radio 4
religious history of iraq (in the beyond belief series)

includes an interview with former iraqi jew edmund shooka (0:11:35 to 0:16:20) …

“There have been Jews in Iraq for over 2,000 years. Today nearly all of them have fled, possibly never to return.
Edmund Shooka was born in Iraq. He describes himself as an Arab Jew.”


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