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Mietek Pemper

yesterday evening (thursday 15th), 11.10-11.24pm, on bbc radio 2
the radio 2 arts show (presented by jonathan ross) includes …

“Jonathan interviews • Claire Ferguson, director of the film Destination Unkown, and • holocaust survivor Ed Mosberg, who talks about Mietek Pemper.”
Mietek Pemper? He was the secretary to Amon Goeth, and I was in the same office, so I knew him but he didn’t know me … it took me 18 months to convince him that he give his testimony to mr Roberts, Because without him in my opinion there would be no Schindler’s List, because he intercepted a letter from Berlin to Amon Goeth to liquidate the factory.
Pemper told this to his friend Isaac Stern who was a bookkeeper for Schindler, that they were going to liquidate, they had to do something. He asked Pemper to tell this to Schindler, and he refused, he said I cannot tell this to Schindler because he’s a drunk, I don’t trust him.
But Stern convinced him, so he went to Schindler, and told him you have to make some changes, make some ammunition. His answer was I make money on the black market with the pots and pans, who will pay me for ammunition when I’m manufacturing? He said no you have to do it. So he changed this, started making some ammunition, and he notified Amon Goeth, Amon Goeth notified Berlin, and this is how the factory remained working.”

(if you missed it, available from 1:10:27 to 1:23:40 at

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