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Thought for the Day

this morning (friday 13th), 7.46-7.48am, on bbc radio 4
thought for the day by “our football correspondent” jonathan sacks

“… When both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chief Rabbi pray for Arsenal to win, and it loses, does that disprove the power of prayer? No, it proves only that He supports Manchester United …”

(if you missed it, available from 1:46:00 at and soon permanently available, with transcript, at
rabbi sacks’s two previous thoughts for the day are permanently available, with transcripts, at (2/4/2014, on love) …

“… And it’s what the rabbis meant when they said 2000 years ago that when a human makes many coins in the same mint, they all come out the same. God makes us all in the same image, His image, but we all come out different.”

and at (11/3/2014, on joy) …

“… I think we miss something essential when we take Darwinian selection to be more than a law about biology, and turn it into a metaphor for life itself, as if all that matters is conflict and the struggle to survive, so that love and beauty and even birdsong are robbed of their innocence and reduced to genetic instincts and drives. …”

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