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Newsnight: Burgon and Zionists

yesterday evening (thursday 9th), 10.41-10.47pm, on bbc 2 tv

newsnight (presented by emma barnett) includes …

Jeremy Corbyn says ‘Nigel Farage’s Brexit is a Brexit  for conspiracy theorists, for those who see Muslims and migrants and George Soros as the enemy.’ Isn’t that a bit rich coming from you?

“You’re a man who believes that all Zionists are enemies of peace?

including interview with …

richard burgon mp

(see original bbc interview by andrew neil at


PM: Richard Millett

this afternoon (saturday 25th), 5.02-5.03pm and 5.22-5.26pm, on bbc radio 4 (partly repeated 6.05pm on six o’clock news)
pm (presented by caroline wyatt) includes …

Richard Millett, a Jewish blogger who believes he was one of the Zionists Jeremy Corbyn said didn’t understand English irony, has described the Labour leader’s comments as ’deeply antisemitic and racist’.

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter tom barton

MN/Today: Corbyn defends irony

this morning (saturday 25th), 12.07-12.09am, and 7.12-7.15am, on bbc radio 4
midnight news and today (presented by kamal ahmed) include …

Jeremy Corbyn has defended comments he made about Briitsh Zionists five years ago, but says he’s more careful with his language now.”

including report from …
• bbc reporter tom barton

6ocn/Twt: McDonnell defends irony

yesterday evening (friday 24th), 6.07-6.10pm, and 10.03-10.04pm, on bbc radio 4
six o’clock news and the world tonight (presented by james coomarasamy) include …

“The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has said that Jeremy Corbyn’s commenta that British Zionists don’t understand English irony have been taken out of context. A number of Labour MPs have strongly criticised Mr Corbyn for the remarks, which he made at a Palestinian conference in 2013.”

including contributions from …
• bbc reporter jonathan blake
john mcdonnell mp

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