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Newshour: Entebbe

yesterday afternoon (monday 4th), 2.10-2.19pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour (presented by tim franks) includes …

“Think of todays date, the 4th of July, and its place in world history, and you might think first of Independence Day in the USA. But the date also has deep resonance for another country, for its self-image, perhaps even for its whole sense of nationhood, The country is Israel, and the event was the rescue of 100 hostages held by Palestinian and German hijackers in Entebbe airport.”

including contribution from …
• professor saul david (more…)


One Day in Entebbe

yesterday evening (tuesday 28th), 8.00-8.40pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated 5.00pm, sunday)
one day in entebbe (presented by jonathan freedland) (more…)

John Henry Patterson

this morning (sunday 30th), 9.34-9.41am, on bbc radio 4
broadcasting house includes kevin conolly interviewing benjamin netanyahu about the non-jewish commanding officer of the zion mule corps in the first world war …

“The ashes of colonel John Henry Patterson – a soldier, big-game hunter and writer, who died in 1947 – are to be reburied in Israel.”


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