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Bei Mir Bistu Shein

sunday 5th may, 12.09-12.13pm, on bbc radio 3 

barbara hosking (presented by michael berkeley) (in the private passions series) includes …

“And Bei Mir Bistu Shein by Jacob Jacobs, a love song in Yiddish, a language which she loves and which she taught herself when she found herself living in Swiss Cottage among East European and Jewish emigres.”


Yiddisher jazz

last wednesday morning (28th august), 9.00-9.30am (repeated 9.30pm), on bbc radio 4 

we travel with songs (presented by roderick williams) (in the a singer’s guide to britain series) includes …

Roderick Williams … hears about the singing legacies of the Jewish East End.”

including contributions from …

• historian and broadcaster alan dein, compiler of yiddisher jazz compilation music is the most beautiful language in the world


My Yiddisher Mother Tongue

this morning (tuesday 4th), 6.30-7.00am (repeated 1.30pm, 8.30pm, and 1.30am) (repeated from february 2014, and from october 2009 on bbc radio 4), on bbc radio 4 extra
my yiddisher mother tongue (presented by david schneider)

“Writer and comedian David Schneider goes on a personal journey through Yiddish culture and language.
Schneider, who first came to fame on The Day Today and I’m Alan Partridge, is the grandson of a Yiddish playwright and a Yiddish actress. He returns to Whitechapel and Vienna, where his grandparents performed, and considers the rich thousand-year history of the language.”

including contributions from …
michael grade
• professor dovid katz
michael wex, author of born to kvetch
• general colin powell, “who picked up the language in his teens when he worked in a Jewish toy store in New York”
• mother mrs schneider
• translator heather valencia
• jewish theatre historian brigitte dalinger

Syrena songs

saturday 4th aug, 2.06-3.00pm (repeated 8.06pm sunday 5th), on bbc world service radio
syrena songs (presented by monica whitlock) (in the music extra series)

Monica Whitlock tells Syrena Rekord’s story and travels to Warsaw to hear from a new generation of musicians recreating Syrena’s sound.

Yiddish WWII songs

online only, at
album ‘yiddish glory’ gives voice to once-lost soviet jewish WWII songs

3 videos …

Yiddish glory: the lost songs of World War 2 (7 mins)
Daughters of Chuvashia (3 mins)
Afm Hoychn Barg (4 mins, satire)

Steven Pinker on language

yesterday afternoon (tuesday 5th), on bbc radio 4 (repeated 11.00pm, monday 11th)
steven pinker on language (presented by michael rosen) (in the word of mouth series)

“Professor Steven Pinker joins Michael Rosen and Dr Laura Wright in the studio for a wide-ranging talk about his love of, and life working in, language.
Steven is Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and he’s come up with some of the biggest and most exciting ideas about language.
His books include The Language Instinct, How the Mind Works, and most recently, The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century.”


Outlook: Yiddish translation

this afternoon (wednesday 23rd), 5.43-5.50pm, on bbc world service radio
outlook (presented by matthew bannister) includes …

“Two years ago a district judge in New York City declared a mistrial in a bribery case involving a state senator, because dozens of hours of phone conversations had not been translated. They were all in Yiddish.
It’s a language that UNESCO describes as ‘endangered’. One of the few people in New York who could help was 71-year-old Ruth Kohn. She’s the Yiddish court translator.”

(if you missed it, available from 0:37:15 to 0:44:00 at

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