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Witness: Shlomo Argov

this afternoon (tuesday 5th), 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio
the assassination attempt that sparked a middle east war (presented by simon watts) (in the witness series)

“In June 1982, the Israeli ambassador to the UK, Shlomo Argov, was shot and critically injured by a Palestinian gunman outside the Dorchester Hotel in London. The attack was the trigger for the start of the devastating war in Lebanon just days later. Simon Watts talks to Shlomo Argov’s son, Gideon Argov.”



Witness: Monica Juul

yesterday morning (wednesday 25th), 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio (repeated from 2012)
monica juul: the oslo peace talks (presented by louise hidalgo) (in the witness series)

Top secret negotiations in Norway during 1993 eventually led to an Israeli-Palestinian agreement which became known as the Oslo Accord. Norwegian diplomat Mona Juul was one of the people who helped keep the talks on track.”


Witness: Bergen-Belsen 2

last wednesday morning (18th april). on bbc world service radio
surviving bergen-belsen (in the witness series)

“Holocaust survivor Hetty Verolme, 88, returns to the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen where, as a 15 year old girl, she spoke to the BBC’s Patrick Gordon Walker in April 1945, just days after gaining her freedom.”


Witness: Bergen-Belsen 1

last wednesday morning (18th april). 8.50-9.00am, on bbc world service radio
the liberation of bergen-belsen (in the witness series) (repeated on sunday in the the history hour)
including 2009 interview of • sir brian urquhart by • lucy williamson

Witness: B’nai B’rith siege

this afternoon (tuesday 6th), 12.04-12.16pm, on bbc radio 4 (repeated from march 2017 on bbc world service radio)
paul green: the b’nai b’rith hostage siege (presented by simon watts) (in the witness series)

“In 1977, Paul Green was one of more than 100 people taken hostage at the Jewish B’nai B’rith centre in Washington DC, by a group of American Muslim converts
They were held captive for more than three days and the siege only ended after ambassadors from Islamic countries helped negotiate with the gunmen.”

Hungary’s Jewish Underground

this morning (wednesday 31st), 12.04-12.16pm, on bbc radio 4
david gur: a member of the jewish hungarian underground (presented by mike lanchin) (in the witness series)

David Gur has been speaking to Mike Lanchin about his part in one of the largest rescue operations organised by Jews during the Holocaust.

David Gur

last wednesday morning (25th october), 8.50-8.59am, on bbc world service radio (repeated in the history hour on sunday 29th)
david gur: the fake IDs that saved jewish lives (presented by mike lanchin) (in the witness series) (more…)

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