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Weekend: Israeli F16 downed

yesterday morning (saturday 10th), 6.01-6.05am, and 6.12-6.14am, on bbc world service radio
weekend (presented by julian worricker) leads with …

“Israel says one of its fighter jets has crashed after attacking Iranian targets in Syria

including contributions from …
• journalist mary dejevsky
• bbc reporter tom bateman

Weekend: Jerusalem recognised

yesterday morning (saturday 9th), 7.11-7.19am, on bbc world service radio
weekend (presented by paul henley) leads with …

Tensions Rise Between Israel and Palestinians

including contributions from …
adel abdel ghafa of the brookings doha centre
• professor dave sinardet
vicky price (more…)

Remember Baghdad

BBC bias: BBC News’s Julian Worricker presents the view that Iraqi Jews were not ethnically cleansed by persecution since they left partly because Ben-Gurion encouraged them to leave while they could still get out.
Don’t mention the ethnic cleansing!

last sunday morning (19th november), 6.44-6.59am, on bbc world service radio
weekend (presented by julian worricker)

What happened to the Jews of Baghdad?

including interview with …
edwin shuker, born baghdad 1955, left 1971, narrator of new film remember baghdad
(see also (more…)

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