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Freddie Knoller’s War

this evening (saturday 27th), 8.00-9.00pm, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from january 2015)
surviving the holocaust – freddie knoller’s war (directed and produced by simon winchcombe) (part of the 2015 holocaust memorial season)

“In a disarmingly frank interview, Holocaust survivor Freddie Knoller (now in his 90s) tells his personal story of being a young Jewish man during World War II.


Cotw: Alexander Zemlinsky

every afternoon this week (monday 20th to friday 24th), 12.00-1.00pm, on bbc radio 3 (repeated 6.30pm)
alexander zemlinsky (1871-1942) (presented by donald macleod) (in the composer of the week series)

“1. Ugly, beautiful: focuses on Zemlinsky’s turbulent early life in pre-war Vienna.”
“2. Alma Mahler: focuses on the tangled love affair between Zemlinsky and Alma Schindler. “
“3. The dream princess: focuses on Zemlinsky’s opera Gorge the Dreamer. “
“4. The Dwarf: Zemlinsky’s most painful musical self-portrait: his opera The Dwarf. “
“5. A new life cut short: the tragic tale of Zemlinsky’s last years spent in exile in America. “



this evening (monday 9th), 10.00-10.45pm, on bbc radio 3
schoenberg and twelve-tone music (in the breaking free – the minds that changed music series, exploring the music of the second viennese school) (more…)

Stefan Zweig’s Vienna

this evening (sunday 1st), 5.30-6.45pm, on bbc radio 3
the world of yesterday (in the breaking free – the minds that changed music series, exploring the music of the second viennese school)

Anton Lesser and Imogen Stubbs explore Stefan Zweig’s Vienna through his elegiac memoir, The World of Yesterday.
With music by Johann Strauss, Die Strottern, and Schoenberg.”


Sigmund Freud

tonight (tuesday 5th), 11.00pm-12.00, on bbc 4 tv (repeated from last thursday)
freud (presented by bettany hughes) (3rd of 3 in the genius of the modern world series)

Bettany Hughes retraces the lives of great modern thinkers. She travels to Vienna on the trail of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis.”

(already available at…)

The Journey of a Suitcase

last friday evening (22nd january), 6.39-6.45pm, on bbc radio ulster
the arts show (presented by michael bradley) includes …

The Holocaust explored in The Journey Of A Suitcase.”

including interview with …
• author jane coyle (more…)

Hedy Pagremanski

this afternoon (monday 26th), 1.19-1.28pm, on bbc world service radio (freeview channel 710 or 107)
outlook includes …

“85-year-old Hedy Pagremanski is a Holocaust survivor who paints pictures of the disappearing landscapes of New York City. She paints buildings that have been condemned, blocks that are set to be redeveloped and streets and communities that have been overlooked.
She tells reporter Matt Nelson how her motivation for capturing a particular moment comes from her experiences as a child growing up in Vienna where she and her family had to hide for months before escaping to Panama and then the United States.”


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