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AQ: Labour nasty party?

yesterday evening (friday 31st), 8.02-8.11pm (repeated 1.10pm today), on bbc radio 4
any questions (chaired by shaun ley, with • professor tom shakespeare, • helen grant mp, • journalist isabel oakeshott, and • hilary benn mp) leads with …

Has Labour become the nasty party?


Chaim Nagelstein

tomorrow morning (sunday 31st), 8.48-8.58am, on bbc radio 4
a point of view, by tom shakespeare

“After hearing a former political prisoner in South Africa, and holocaust survivor Chaim “Harry” Nagelstein (1928-2010) tell their stories, Tom Shakespeare concludes: ‘Hearing their testimonies affected me more deeply than any lecture, book or film. They were unforgettable authentic encounters’.”


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