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HMD: Radio Ulster 2

this evening (sunday 2nd), 8.09-8.20pm, on bbc radio ulster 

classical connections with john toal includes …

“John’s Classical Connection this week focuses on musical depictions of poetry written at the infamous Terezin Concentration Camp

1. I never saw another butterfly, by pavel friedmann (b.1921, prague), 

2. It all depends on how you look at it, by miroslav kosek (b. 1932, czechoslovakia)

3. The garden, by franta bass (b.1930, czechoslovakia) …

all set to music by charles davidson


HMD: Radio Leeds

last sunday morning (26th january), 7.08-7.17am, 7.18-7.22am, and 8.08-8.20am, and this morning (sunday 2nd), 7.08-7.12am, 7.16-7.12am, and 7.27-7.31am, on bbc radio leeds 

andrew edwards includes …

Holocaust Memorial Day

including interviews with …

• survivor arek hersh, b.1928, poland 

lilian black, daughter of survivor eugene black, 1928-2016


Railways of the Holocaust

this evening (wednesday 29th), 10.00-11.35pm, on channel 5 tv (repeated from wednesday 23rd january 2019 and sunday 28th october 2018)

railways of the holocaust (presented by chris tarrant) (extended episode) (episode 5, 4th series, of chris tarrant: extreme railways)

“Travelling to Nuremberg, Theresienstadt, Berlin, Gniezno, the Lodz ghetto, and Auschwitz, Chris Tarrant explores the darkest chapter in the history of the railways – their role in the Nazi Holocaust of WWII.”

including interviews with …

• kindertransport child zuzana spitzerova

• theresienstadt deportee helga weissova

• rabbi and railways expert walter rothschild

• railway slave worker, aged 11, arek hersh

bartlomiej grzanka, kulmhof museum


The Windermere Children: In their own words

yesterday evening (monday 27th), 10.30-11.30pm (repeated 2.30am), on bbc 4 tv  

the windermere children: in their own words (narrated by iain glen)

including windermere children … • ike alterman, • sam laskier, • arek hersh, • ben helfgott, • harry spiro, • jan goldberger, harry olmer, • bela rosenthal (joanna millan) (then 3), and • zdenka husserl (then 3)

and … • historian trevor avery, • historian tony kushner, • raf flight sergeant norman shepherd, • lydia tischler, and sons • ashley faull and steven faull

(if you missed it, available at

W@1: Martin Stern 2

this afternoon (friday 24th), 1.34-1.41pm, on bbc radio 4 

world at one (presented by sarah montague) includes the second part of yesterday’s interview with …

• theresienstadt survivor martin stern 

(see also and


W@1: Martin Stern 1

this afternoon (thursday 23rd), 1.00-1.01pm, 1.03-1.05pm, 1.07-1.25pm, and 1.40-1.45pm, on bbc radio 4 

world at one (presented by sarah montague) leads and concludes with…

“The commemoration ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is under way in Jerusalem. Martin Stern was five years old as he awaited deportation to the death camp.”

including contributions from …

• bbc reporter tom bateman 

benjamin netanyahu 

• bbc reporter jonny dymond 

• theresienstadt survivor martin stern 

• historian antony beevor 

(see also and


Children of courage 8

tuesday 12th november, 8.30-8.55pm (repeated 8.30pm sunday), on bbc radio alba 

eva (14) in auschwitz (last of 8 episodes in the children of courage series) (in gaelic and czech, with english subtitles)

“This episode asks, how could a fourteen-year-old girl survive Auschwitz?, and takes us into the world of the most infamous Nazi concentration camp of them all.

Fourteen-year-old Eva is already an orphan when she arrives in Auschwitz concentration camp.


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