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Outlook: Ruth Westheimer

this afternoon (monday 22nd), 12.33-12.46pm (repeated 6.33pm), on bbc world service radio
ruth westheimer (in the outlook series) (presented by emily webb)

“Dr Ruth Westheimer has been speaking to Outlook’s Emily Webb. She began by telling about her early life in Germany and the tragic way she learned her parents had been killed.”


WDYTYA: Jane Seymour

thursday 27th september, 2.45-3.45pm, on bbc 2 tv (repeated from august 2015 on bbc 1, and february 2016 and september 2017)
jane seymour (narrated by cherie lunghi ) (2nd episode, 12th series, of who do you think you are)

“Actress Jane Seymour grew up in London but knows that her father’s side of the family originally came from Poland. She suspects that they suffered in the Holocaust but has never known what happened. In particular, she wants to find out the fate of her two paternal great-aunts, Jadwiga and Michaela Frankenburg, and their families.
Jane’s search for the truth takes her to Warsaw – where she discovers that although Jadwiga managed to escape the ghetto, she was tragically separated from her family – and to Marseilles, where she follows Michaela and her family in a terrifying flight to Switzerland as they flee the Nazis.”

including contributions from …
• professor anita prasmoska
• historian dr karen adler

Newshour: Swiss secret deal

last friday evening (22nd january), 9.43-9.49pm, on bbc world service radio
newshour includes …

“There’s growing controversy in Switzerland over an alleged secret deal over 50 years ago to free some Palestinian militants in exchange for an end to attacks on Swiss territory and the highjacking that was going on.
Switzerland also offered diplomatic support to the PLO as part of the deal.
Now all this followed the bombing of a Swiss airliner with a significant loss of life and as I say the highjacking of another, and the information has been revealed in a new book by a journalist, Marcel Gyr, who wrote that ‘part of the deal-making was organised by a very well-known and longstanding Swiss member of parliament’ … Jean Ziegler.”

including interview with …
jean ziegler (more…)

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