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SS: Williams on Watson

this morning (sunday 14th), 8.00-8.01am, and 8.06-8.21am, on bbc radio wales 

sunday supplement (presented by vaughan roderick) leads with …

Anti-semitism seems to be the issue that won’t go away for Labour. At yesterday’s Durham Miners’ Gala, things could only get bitter. Meanwhile, three peers left the party’s group in the Lords in protest. And there was that BBC Panorama programme in which former staffers made allegations over Labour’s handling of complaints.”

including interview with …

darren williams, nec member representing wales


HMD: Anti-semitism in Wales

this morning (sunday 27th), 8.41-8.50am, on bbc radio wales
sunday supplement (presented by vaughan roderick) includes …

“There’s a discussion on anti-semitism with • Cai Parry-Jones, author of ‘The Jews in Wales’, and • Dr Andrea Hammel, a reader of German at Aberystywyth University and expert on the Holocaust.”


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